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Review: WWE Legends Series 10 Big Van Vader

 Oh it's time alright...   Big Van Vader, know to be one of the greatest "big men" in pro wrestling history, has had many action figures through the years so it's kinda hard to give collectors a new reason to buy another one. We've already seen two previous figures of the legend(mainly in his well known WCW and WWF gear) released in the Legends and Elite lines but Mattel decided to give us something relatively new:   This figure, recently released in the most recent Legends series, is based more on his New Japan days and his WCW debut in 1990. The appeal of this figure, in my opinion, is that we here have never gotten a figure of him in this particular getup. Like...ever! I don't exactly know the reason for not seeing this version of Vader but I am glad we're finally getting it in this form. I don't think it would've been done justice had it been released during the Classic Superstars/RA(Ruthless Aggression) era in the mid to late 2000s. The proll