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Kenner Spotlight: Hooray For The Police Academy!

Fan of the old Police Academy movies? Sure! Why wouldn't you be? There's like a thousand of them with every movie containing goofier characters than the last! Plus, Guttenberg, son. Ok, confession, I've only seen the first one and maybe the fifth. I don't know. I gotta be honest, I personally thought the first one was ok at best but I know a LOT of people who swear up and down it's their favorite movie, so I can't hate. However, that said, I loved the cartoon series as a kid. Couldn't tell you anything that happened in the episodes NOW, but back in 89/90, I was all over it. (Yeah, it was even released on vhs!) You don't remember the cartoon? Come on! If you were a kid back then, you no doubt remember watching it before school every morning! It was one of those cartoons that would be shown all over the country in syndication that had very little chance of lasting more than 2 seasons. Also, the Fat Boys did the theme song. Check it out:  St

A Look At Hello Mary Lou Prom Night 2 VHS Art!

My love of Hello Mary Lou Prom Night 2 has been very heavily documented many, many times. It's a movie that has been a favorite of mine for years and a fond video store memory of mine. So it would be of shock to no one that I've amassed a collection of various vhs from around the world... ...via eBay... Fact is, I'd love to collect each and every copy from around the world, but I'm ok with just owning one copy and spreading the word of this in hopes that someone like Scream Factory or Olive Films will pick it up one day! It definitely deserves a release with interviews, commentary and the like. Heck, a tour of Hamilton High would be a fun extra! (Heads up, I'd be happy to host that! Hamilton, Ontario is only a small drive for me! A guy can dream!)  Until then, I'd like to you feast your eyes upon art from around the globe. Sources vary from eBay to Amazon to Google so if your photo is presented, please forgive me for not crediting. These have been kept on

Things To Look Forward To In 2016

Boy, 2015 was a fun year! I had so much fun and so many great opportunities came my way. After years of hoping to, I finally made my podcasting debut and landed a cohosting gig on Dead Air Horror And Genre Podcast as well as the Terror Twins Podcast with Stacy Still of StayStillReviews , as well as appearances on Nerd Lunch, UnderScoopFire (a record 4 times!), Recurrent Event s, as well as a "lost show" with Eddie Spuhgetti and Stacy Still. A great time had by all! Then there's the multiple conventions, screeners, interviews, and so much else that came my way. If 2015 was any indication, I'm gonna have a lot to look forward to in 2016. So other than blogging stuff, what else did I look forward to? Well, as mucky as it's been throughout the years, I've still tuned in every week to Monday Night Raw, and I'll continue to do so this year as well. Movies have been off the charts between Star Wars, Mad Max, and multiple great horror movies and comedies. TV sho