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The Horror Movie BBQ 2014 Christmas Fallout!

Crap. Christmas has come and gone. I really wish it was still Christmas. Everything just went perfectly and I sincerely hope it was as great for your family as it was mine. So of course while everything went well, the days after Christmas have been kinda depressing. I don't know, I had such a fun Christmas season and it's been a crummy year so I wanted Christmas to last as long as possible. But memories of the great season will last forever. And of course with the generous helping of food, family and fellowship, there's also presents. I'm a pretty easy guy to buy for, as you'll see. I don't know, if I need clothes or tools or electronics, I usually pick it up when I need it. But when it comes to gifts, I usually ask for dvds, blurays and books. This year was really no different. So while I've always wanted to try my hand at these since they always are a fun read over at DinosaurDracula (as well as X-Entertainment) I finally decided to pull the tri

Silent Night Deadly Night 2 Fan Commentary!

I had the pleasure of joining my friend Jeff Konopka on his podcast, The Dead Air Horror And Genre Podcast, to have a great time watching and discussing one of my all time faves, Silent Night Deadly Night 2. Enjoy!

Return of the Loot Crate!

It's back! Yup! Loot Crate makes it's highly anticipated return with a new killer package. I received my first one back in August as an early birthday from my girlfriend but cancelled it after we received the October shipment left us underwhelmed. But reading up on the description for December's elusive package, we were intrigued. The tagline was "anniversaries" which eluded to Batman, Ghostbusters, and others as well as including an exclusive Funko Pop. So being a Batman fanatic and a Funko collector, I knew I had to have it.  After weeks of anticipation, it finally arrived! Look at all that goodness! And even better, it's based on the Batcave design. Love the Batmobile sticking out! A great way to start it off! I always look forward to the inner box design, it's always a special treat.                   There it is. Fantastic. A mishmash of geeky goodness. Look at it! And they even included a candy cane. How kind! Of the four packages

Celebrating The Wizard!!!!

    I really have no better way to start this entry. It's a pretty special one for me. Today's entry is dedicated to my favorite childhood movie, The Wizard, which celebrates it's 25th anniversary today!             Yes, THAT Wizard. In case you're new to the internet or you were born yesterday, allow me to give you a quick synopsis of the movie. A young boy named Jimmy who suffers from developmental disabilities was put in a group home but escaped via his brother played by the always awesome Fred Savage and went cross country to participate in the Video Armageddon. Along the way, they encounter many diverse characters(as diverse as you can get in a family movie from 1989) and wacky situations that culiminate in an event proving that, yes, Jimmy is the greatest video game player of all time. I have pretty fond memories of this one, as with everything I write about. Seeing this at the right age definitely helped me appreciate it. It's no

Figures Cinema Forgot Finale: Guest Writer Jason Price of IconvsIcon

 Banner by: Jay of TheSexyArmpit Note From Chad: I want to apologize for delaying this. October to December has been very trying due to a back injury and surgery following it, so my attention to this blog hasn't been at it's highest ever. I also want to apologize to Jason of IconVsIcon for the delay in posting the last installment of Figures Cinema Forgot. I also want to thank ALL the contributors who assisted in this fun project! All the entries and contributions have been absolutely fantastic!!!! DIE HARD     Action cinema came into its own in the 1980s and made a superstar out of a Bruce Willis. As you know, the film is loaded balls to the walls action and memorable one liners. What kid didn't want to follow in the bloody footsteps of Officer John McClane? I know I did! I often think about how great a Nakatomi Plaza playset could have been. I would hope it would be on a massive scale like the legendary G.I. JOE aircraft carrier. This set would have