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The Horror Movie BBQ 2014 Christmas Fallout!

Crap. Christmas has come and gone. I really wish it was still Christmas. Everything just went perfectly and I sincerely hope it was as great for your family as it was mine. So of course while everything went well, the days after Christmas have been kinda depressing. I don't know, I had such a fun Christmas season and it's been a crummy year so I wanted Christmas to last as long as possible. But memories of the great season will last forever.

And of course with the generous helping of food, family and fellowship, there's also presents. I'm a pretty easy guy to buy for, as you'll see. I don't know, if I need clothes or tools or electronics, I usually pick it up when I need it. But when it comes to gifts, I usually ask for dvds, blurays and books. This year was really no different. So while I've always wanted to try my hand at these since they always are a fun read over at DinosaurDracula(as well as X-Entertainment) I finally decided to pull the trigger and do my first annual Christmas Fallout. Let's begin, shall we!


Good gosh, look at that beautiful stack of movies. I never have to buy movies ever again. Some wrestling, some horror, two Batman movies, some comedies and the Peanuts Holiday set. If you've ever wondered what my movie shelf looks like, this should give you a great idea. All great movies to add to my collection. Some I've wanted to replace old dvds or vhs, so these will definitely get great use. I'm told more are on the way, as Christmas Vacation on bluray just didn't arrive on time. But that's a movie that I'll be happy to wait for. I also bet that Masters of the Universe bluray will look terrific in hidef.


As of late, I've been getting out of the action figure game and diving head first into these Funko Pop! Vinyl figures. For under 10 bucks, I can get an arty bobblehead featuring my favorite pop culture characters. From comic books to horror to WWE to cereal mascots, they have it all. So knowing this, my girlfriend decided to gift me three Pop! figures and a neat Ninja Turtles mystery figure. Slimer, Gus from Breaking Bad, and Wonder Woman were added to my growing Pop! collection as well as that awesome vinyl Shredder. These figures are just too awesome. And I firmly believe that's the best Shredder figure I've ever owned. Hyperbole? Perhaps. But it likes great in my collection and he has a great pose. Slimer seems to be the most popular Funko amongst geeks mainly for his slime stand, so I'm thrilled to finally own him.


I don't know how, but my girlfriend's parents found 4 boxes of Frankenberry and Boo Berry. There's no real words I can use to explain my joy over these.


Ok, I got this for myself. And normally I hate buying things for myself for Christmas, but I've been on the hunt for this for sometime now. I rented this years ago at a video store and meant to copy it for my own enjoyment but my copier wasn't working. And sadly when I went back to buy it when the store announced it's closing, it was gone. GONE. Since then it's become a rather pricey tape to pick up and rather hard to find. So when I saw it on ebay, I snatched it up quickly and it sits in my collection lovingly next to other prizes such as the original Elm Street tapes and Video Dead. And yes, it's just as awesome as I remember it to be. Especially with scenes like this:

Worth every penny.

I received a lot of other great things but I simply could not let this year go by without sharing these cool pop culture relics. Hope you enjoyed! And don't forget to check out the DinoDrac Christmas Fallout as well as my buddy Nick Meece's Christmas Fallout as well! Looks like everyone made out pretty good! In fact, I'd say everyone I've spoken to had a pretty enjoyable Christmas as well. I'd love to hear what you got under your tree as well! Socks? Toys? Toxic Avenger set? Sound off in the comments!




Silent Night Deadly Night 2 Fan Commentary!

I had the pleasure of joining my friend Jeff Konopka on his podcast, The Dead Air Horror And Genre Podcast, to have a great time watching and discussing one of my all time faves, Silent Night Deadly Night 2. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Return of the Loot Crate!

It's back! Yup! Loot Crate makes it's highly anticipated return with a new killer package. I received my first one back in August as an early birthday from my girlfriend but cancelled it after we received the October shipment left us underwhelmed. But reading up on the description for December's elusive package, we were intrigued. The tagline was "anniversaries" which eluded to Batman, Ghostbusters, and others as well as including an exclusive Funko Pop. So being a Batman fanatic and a Funko collector, I knew I had to have it.

 After weeks of anticipation, it finally arrived! Look at all that goodness! And even better, it's based on the Batcave design. Love the Batmobile sticking out! A great way to start it off! I always look forward to the inner box design, it's always a special treat.              
There it is. Fantastic. A mishmash of geeky goodness. Look at it! And they even included a candy cane. How kind! Of the four packages I've received, this could very well be the best variety. There's something for everyone. In fact, my rabbit Charlie was so excited for it, even he decided to hop up and take a quick look...
So, Charlie approved. Good. I'd hate to throw all this fantastic stuff out. Let's take a quick peek!
The Loot Crate Magazine, a Batman comic and a 30 day subscription to an anime/manga on demand service. Now, I use to be into anime, but not anymore, so I won't have much use for it. But the magazine boasting an interview with THE REAL Stan Lee(as opposed to his phony doppelganger known for creating Fentel The Demented ArachnoidHuman Hybrid) and a copy of a Batman comic featuring an exclusive cover. Not a bad deal, huh? More Batman comics are always welcome in my home. And it's a great cover! 1-0, Loot Crate.
Up next is a nice set of items that could turn any rainy day into Christmas morning. A GhostBusters door hanger, a Captain America air freshener(vanilla!) and a Tetris sticker set. Come on! How can you have a bad day with this stuff? Hang Slimer on your door handle, hang up the air freshener, and go to town on your wall with Tetris stickers. Now it all makes sense! 2-0!
 Need something to hold your cash while you're in your room playing with your Tetris stickers? This handy dandy Simpsons wallet takes care of that! Interestingly enough, I had a Bart Simpson wallet as a kid, so this brings me full circle. The whole town of Springfield is just sitting in your pocket protecting your life savings! Good to me. 3-0


Now this got claimed early on by my girlfriend. She loves Groot and a comfy pair of socks. So when those two things come together as one, she can't be stopped. Ironically, Groot was the main star of my first Loot Crate. 4-0

This is it. The main event. The anniversary celebration ends with the mashup of The Joker and Batman. I saw this earlier this week in a spoiler. I could no longer wait to receive this, I had to know. And it was worth it. This Pop! may be the best one yet. The design and colors literally(no pun intended) pops out at you! Yes, I know it's just a repaint of a normal Batman figure but it works so well. His eyes, the green and purple, the demented smile. Definitely seems like an idea Joker would come up with, which makes it even better. Everything. I love this figure and think in the vast Pop! universe, this could very well be my favorite release ever. 5-0.
A 5 star set. Can't say it much better than that. Everything in this collection is a flawless item and useful for all geeks! So if you're interested in receiving more geeky goodness, subscribe today for next month's great crate! And if my endorsement isn't enough, perhaps Charlie will?

Well, he's busy digging through my Ghostbusters pail. But he'd want you to subscribe!



Monday, December 15, 2014

Celebrating The Wizard!!!!

I really have no better way to start this entry. It's a pretty special one for me. Today's entry is dedicated to my favorite childhood movie, The Wizard, which celebrates it's 25th anniversary today!





 Yes, THAT Wizard.

In case you're new to the internet or you were born yesterday, allow me to give you a quick synopsis of the movie. A young boy named Jimmy who suffers from developmental disabilities was put in a group home but escaped via his brother played by the always awesome Fred Savage and went cross country to participate in the Video Armageddon. Along the way, they encounter many diverse characters(as diverse as you can get in a family movie from 1989) and wacky situations that culiminate in an event proving that, yes, Jimmy is the greatest video game player of all time. I have pretty fond memories of this one, as with everything I write about. Seeing this at the right age definitely helped me appreciate it. It's not a movie that's going to win awards, but as a kids movie, it hit all the right buttons. No pun intended.

There's really no way I can describe it properly to those who weren't around to see it upon it's first release. It's definitely a time capsule of all that was trendy and popular in the late 80s. Especially Nintendo...ESPECIALLY NINTENDO. And since my household at the time was a Nintendo family(despite my brother owning a Sega Master System) this was a perfect chance for the family to get together and sepnd the day with Fred Savage. Much like many other family movies at that time, it has it's cheesey moments and moments that make you go "argh!". But it's a still a fun movie that you really need to see. My job today will be to present you with 5 reasons why you SHOULD tune in.



My gosh, there's more advertising in this movie than a Super Bowl. This was clearly meant as a Nintendo movie, but there are other distractions to note. Universal did it the right way. If you had pumped this movie full of crap that kids wouldn't have cared about like Forbes magazine, Olive Garden and those goofy Gator shirts, the movie wouldn't have been as memorable. Now Pepsi? 7-11? Hostess? Vision Streetwear? Now that got our attention. And if you're a nostalgia addict, it's even more fun. Also, as a fan of Universal Studios theme park, seeing all the cool scenes filmed at the California park was an added bonus.


Oh man! That soundtrack was a mish mash of current pop bands and an oldie or two. "Send Me An Angel(1989 Version)" by Real Life , "Hangin' Tough" by New Kids on The Block, "Don't Be Cruel" by Bobby Brown are just some of the songs on the soundtrack that really summed up that era in pop music. It's not the easiest soundtrack to locate mainly because an official soundtrack wasn't released(to my knowledge) but a fan edition called "The Video Armageddon Edition" featuring various NES songs as well was created a few years ago. It's a pretty fun collection, but I'm sure pretty soon you'll find one...


Look at the cast! Fred Savage and Christian Slater alone were pretty hot at that time. Jenny Lewis and Luke Edwards weren't known just yet and wouldn't have the same career as Savage and Slater. Beau Bridges who plays the father of the Woods clan, well, his career has been pretty stellar and at this point, I'm sure he was just looking for a fun movie to star in. The cast works pretty well together and Fred and Jenny play off each other in a fun, conflicting way.

BONUS: Video Armageddon Announcer:
 As great as the cast of characters are(Mr. Putnam, I adore thee), my favorite character was the over the top Video Game Announcer played by character actor Steven Grives. His ridiculous announcing and general goofiness was something that always made me laugh. And of course, when he announced the video game in the finals of the VGA, our lives changed forever...

Super Mario Brothers 3 Reveal:

Ok, this has ALWAYS been disputed. I'm a firm believer that I discovered Super Mario Brothers 3 before the movie came out. Maybe my timeline is screwy here, but I'll go to my grave claiming that, even if others have claimed differently. Either way, let's face facts, Super Mario Brothers 3 was the greatest game to hit the NES in it's illustrious run. It definitely cleaned up the mess left by Super Mario 2(which, I kinda enjoyed) and left people very satisfied. So many different aspects of that game including mini-games, awesome new powerups and disguises for our hero to get through that crazy universe of his, and of course more Bowser. This game generated so many sales and more importantly, so many cherished memories for anyone in our generation. In fact, it's not uncommon for someone to say this was their favorite NES game.

And finally...suprise, surprise...


Of course, I can't write this entry without mentioning the Power Glove scene. As cheesy as it is, in reality there was no way this scene could be taken seriously. A 12 year old boy wearing a shirt that resembles newspaper with that goofy looking haircut can't really deliver a line and be considered badass. It really cemented my love and envy of the Power Glove, the one component of my video game childhood I never owned. Despite my friends telling me it never worked, I still wanted it. It just looked! Years later, I'd eventually try it on and goof off with it, but it wouldn't be the same unless I could go back in time and destroy the record in Rad Racer. If time travel des happen, I know what my trip will be for.


So there you have it. I really do love this movie and alongside Ninja Turtles and GI Joe The Movie, is one of the very few movies from my childhood that I can continue to watch and get entertainment out of. It's also a movie that has garnered such a massive fan following from nostalgists to video game fans to lovers of goofy, offbeat movies. It's really a fun time for anyone, no matter what your reasoning for liking it may be. Some day, I hope it gets the bluray release it deserves. I get the sense I'm not the only person who would drop dime on a copy!

That said...since it's the holiday season and you guys helped me hit my goal of achieving well over 1,000 like son the Facebook page, I'm in the giving mood! My goal of this entry was obviously to spread word of this movie on it's 25th anniversary, so I'm giving you a chance to win a (unofficial) Wizard prize pack! Check out the goods!


A Wizard dvd!  Um...yeah, I know that's a vhs copy from a previous entry(plug: read here!), there's a good reason. I ordered a copy for this and of course being the holiday, there's delays in the shipment so I couldn't receive it in time. But be aware that you'll recieve a brand new, unopened copy of The Wizard on dvd. The vhs, will stay with me though. Sorry to lead you on.

Rounding out the prize pack is a Mario candy tin container, a Mario blind bag figure and a bag of Holiday Jelly Bellies. Yeah, ok it has nothing to do with the movie, but it's the holidays, so why turn why not stay in the spirit somehow?

Sounds good right? Eh...ok, one more item!

The infamous Wizard Soundtrack "Video Armageddon Edition" that I had discussed earlier will be included as well. A cd-r featuring the best songs from the movie as well as the rare "Dart on the Map" score! What better way to drive to work than channeling your inner joy stick hero?

Allright! So how do you achieve such badness? Simple!

1.)Head over and "like" the growing Horror Movie BBQ Facebook page by clicking here!

2.) Tell me what your favorite childhood movie is to this very day. Is it Dark Crystal? Lion King? Sandlot? What is it? Tell me in the comment section below please! And please don't forget to leave your email address in your comment. I need that for contacting you if you win!

I'll pick a winner at random on December 29th, so comment now!

-Chad, who sadly has the video game skill as a newborn.

Obviously this giveaway is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Nintendo or Universal or anyone else.

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Figures Cinema Forgot Finale: Guest Writer Jason Price of IconvsIcon

Banner by: Jay of TheSexyArmpit

Note From Chad: I want to apologize for delaying this. October to December has been very trying due to a back injury and surgery following it, so my attention to this blog hasn't been at it's highest ever. I also want to apologize to Jason of IconVsIcon for the delay in posting the last installment of Figures Cinema Forgot. I also want to thank ALL the contributors who assisted in this fun project! All the entries and contributions have been absolutely fantastic!!!!



Action cinema came into its own in the 1980s and made a superstar out of a Bruce Willis. As you know, the film is loaded balls to the walls action and memorable one liners. What kid didn't want to follow in the bloody footsteps of Officer John McClane? I know I did! I often think about how great a Nakatomi Plaza playset could have been. I would hope it would be on a massive scale like the legendary G.I. JOE aircraft carrier. This set would have room for Al Powell and his cop car, a helicopter complete with special agent Johnson and special agent Johnson, no relation.You could open the building up to reveal several usable floors to hide your terrorists (featuring kung-fu grip) and hostages. A working elevator and useable duct work is a must! The major mind blowing feature of the playset would be a button at the bottom of the elevator shaft that would pop off chunks of the building and cue explosion sounds when triggered by your office chair strapped with C4 and a computer monitor! Swing from the roof with your friends or play alone — just make sure you circle the Nakatomi Tower playset in the 1987 Sears Wishbook!



It is hard to find a child of the 80s who doesn't have fond memories of The Monster Squad. Often dismissed as low-rent Goonies style adventure, The Monster Squad is a lot more fun and features the classic Universal Monsters we all love; Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, the Wolf Man, the Gillman, and the Mummy. I think this underrated film and the classic monsters would have lent themselves well to some amazing plush creations — something in the vein of My Pet Monster perhaps. My Pet Monster was great because it was big, colorful and featured a lot of different textures and would lend themselves well to bringing these icons to life. Wolfman's nards sold separately.


Few movies in my youth scared me the way 'Poltergeist.' Whether it was slightly strange looking blonde haired girl communicating with unseen invaders from the spirit word, the other-worldly charm of Zelda Rubinstein or the Incredible Hulk riding horse back during some type of possession, something about it has always intrigued me. If Steven Spielberg really directed this film, as opposed to Tobe Hooper, how the hell did his pal George Lucas let him drop the ball on creating a line of toys?! How great would it have been to have had some action figures and playsets for the franchise. You could have had hours of fun using a little slider level to make the chair move across the room by itself, being freaked out by a little television set that would turn itself on without rhyme or reason or waste away many an afternoon posing Craig T. Nelson in whacky positions as he battled the forces of evil. The go to item of this toyline would have been the house and swimming pool burial ground playset. It would feature pop up corpses and crazy indian magic… you know, the stuff that every cool suburban neighborhood needs! In addition, it is hard to imagine a little girl who wouldn't want to pal around with their own personal talking Carol Anne doll! That item alone would have buried Kid Sister! In my opinion, 'Poltergeist' is definitely a movie from the past that doesn't get enough love.



As you can tell, what makes a great toy line for me is memorable characters. Few films have as memorable and visually over the top characters as Total Recall. I find it shocking that this Arnold Schwarzenegger classic never got a toy line. Yeah, it was not really for kids but they made a TV series out of 'Rambo.' I am not asking for a three breasted woman, unless you know one, but there is some missed potential here! One idea that instantly spring to mind if vehicular in nature. As you remember, Power Wheels were huge in the 80s and 90s. What would be more fitting for that budding young driver than wrapping wet towel around there head and hopping in the back seat of a Johnny Cab! Buckle up and get your ass to mars!



When it comes to classic flicks from the 80s, The Lost Boys has always had a place in my heart and in my Top 5 horror flicks from that decade. Even to this day there is a serious lack of cool Lost Boys memorabilia! With so many cool locations and fashionable characters in the film, the possibilities are staggering! Using the technology of replaceable faces developed on G.I. JOE's Zartan, they could have easily made a sweet Michael figure. Just think about it! One second he is rocking out at your "I Still Believe" boardwalk concert playset (Yes! The shirtless saxaphone player is included!) and the next minute he is vamping out at Grandpa's house! You could easy tuck the vampire version of his face behind his amazingly feathered hairdo like you did with Zartan's hood! The look and costumes of the cast easily lend themselves to stellar figures. How did they not do this! How sweet would it be to take all your Lost Boys figures down to David's lair, complete with it's totally radical Jim Morrison mural! At the very least, they could have churned out some great Lost Boys related Nerf products! I mean, come on, this was the age of the original Lawn Darts! People were practically getting staked by friends and family members at every BBQ!



Jason Price of Icon Vs. Icon - All Things Pop Culture

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