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Village Gate Toy Show March 2014 Report

Since moving up to Rochester in 2011, I haven't made my way back to huge 3 day conventions as I'd like to. And it still sucks, especially when I realize I don't get to see some of my friends that I've become close to through these conventions. But, thems the breaks, I suppose. On the upside, while old traditions die, new traditions take their place and new memories are made. With that said, my newest and favorite tradition since moving up, has become the Village Gate Toy Show! Through my friends over at UnderScoopFire , I got introduced to the Rochester geek community pretty quickly. In 2012 I attended my first show and immediately became hooked. Essentially this show is a glorified flea market on two levels with tables and tables as far as the eye can see as well as a sea of people who apparently don't know how to shower. Vendors stocked heavily up on everything from My Little Ponies to vintage He-Man to Star Wars to obscure stuff like James Bond Jr. Yup. Everyt