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My Favorite Things From Target’s Halloween Section!

It’s been a few years since I’ve reviewed Target’s Halloween offerings. To be honest with you, it was a mixture of things. A combination of not feeling the Halloween spirit as much as I once did and Target kinda phoning in didn’t help. Yes I know that may be controversial to say, but the last few years, I just haven’t been blown away by Target. I mean not every year is going to be the biggest and best ever, I get that. Sometimes you need a year or two to calm things down to bring you back up. And if I may say that after my latest trip, Target DEFINITELY brought me back up. I think the fact that all the Target stores near me have been taking their time setting up kinda helped. By mid October (sometimes even as early as late September) I’m just over Halloween and it usually has to do with so many places putting out decorations food and costumes so early while I’m trying to enjoy the summer. I mean I can’t dive into a pumpkin cookie while it’s a hot day outside and I’m enjoying lemonade a