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TPIF Podcast: Christmas Memories!

 Remember the days when you'd gather around the tree and not know what you were getting for the big holiday? Remember your favorite Christmas commercial from 1987? How about your favorite Christmas treat? Well good news, the TPIF Podcast is back for a very special Christmas episode! In this episode we discuss our favorite Christmas memories ranging from presents to commercials to traditions and everything in between! So take a listen and share with us your most fond holiday moments! Check it out and grant your ears a present right here! -TPIF

A Slice...of Pepsi?

     It wasn't a huge, earth shattering announcement on Twitter, but it probably should have been. A few weeks back, Pepsi asked fans and followers on social media to share their most heinous baking fails in time for Thanksgiving and in exchange, the first 1,500 fans would be rewarded with the limited edition Pepsi Apple Pie Soda. Naturally, being a fan of special edition sodas and Pepsi in general I had to enter with a highly embarrassing photo of what I refer to as the Great Pudding Massacre, from the time I tried to make instant pudding in our new (at the time) KitchenAid. Yeah.  YUP. Oopsie Daisies indeed. So, with that a Pepsi rep got in touch with me and let me know I was eligible to win one of the 1,500 bottles of Pepsi Apple Pie! I was elated, and finally it had paid off to suck in the kitchen! A few weeks later, it arrived and boy oh boy... It was worth the wait and uber humiliating photo. It was almost like an early Christmas present, I immediately tore open the shipment

Saved By The Bell: Home For Christmas

 Well, it's been a while since I've dug into the past and discussed Saved By The Bell. It's genuinely one of my all time favorite shows and I used to write alot about it. With my tenth anniversary of this blog, the new SBTB series, I thought I'd dig up this old entry I wrote for my pal Thomas Bryce's "Shit Movie Fest 2013" and repost it here. I hope you enjoy it, it's one of my favorite things I've ever written     I see no greater way to kick the holiday season off than with the Saved By The Bell two parter "Home For Christmas"...     And while it may seem like Saved By the Bell revolved around 7 characters(including Belding), you'll find you only matter if your name starts with a "Z" and ends with a "Ack Morris". In fact, go back, watch ANY episode and I challenge you to show me an episode that didn't revolve around Zack in the end. Hope this gift has a gift receipt. We all know the characters and their