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The Ecto Cooler/Power Glove Connection!

Of course it's still #WizardWednesday , over on the HorrorMovieBBQ Facebook page (plug, plug) and in honor of the new that we are only a week and a half from Ecto Cooler and the fact that we got an even more hilarious Ghostbusters trailer got released, I figured it's a good time to share this! Now before you ask why I'm sharing an Ecto Cooler box...well...when it comes to The Wizard, there's no greater mascot and representation of that movie than the Power Glove. (photos from eBay auction, here ) No, your eyes do NOT deceive you. Ecto Cooler actually had a contest where you could win the Power Glove. Yes, you! No, not your little brother. YOU. That's too much bold font for one sentence. But isn't worth it? All you had to do was drink your weight Ecto Cooler and you could've possibly, maybe, through some magically slim chance, been a lucky 1 of 500 people who walked away with a Power Glove. But I mean as a kid, come awesom

Ronald McDonald House Sale: Day 3

Welp, I know I'm well over a week late on this, but life happens so I wasn't able to sit here and tally up my finds from the McDonald House Sale. I already covered the first two days . I mean, I had the time to have two soda's but I didn't have the energy to write about rummaging through second hand treasures. That's on me. Well, today, I'm writing about day 3 of my adventure. And what an adventure it was... That familiar hallway, filled with my opponents for the day. Friday started off easy enough. It was 50% day, and I went later in the morning, so there still wasn't a HUGE crowd. But it certainly was showing signs of ravaging and crowds. Familiar items still remained unwanted but seriously out of place with very little effort to clean it back up. In fact, I dropped a couple vhs I didn't want the day before and they were still in the exact same spot. I get it though. Everyone wanted the sale to be over with in a huge way. But, darn son, you

Mountain DewCision Pitch Black vs Baja Blast

Have you heard about the most dividing battle in the world today? The battle to determine our future of our basic human rights is at stake. Our voice MUST be heard by those up int he big towers slinging their power as to what WE should believe. You want your voice to be heard? Well, madam, this is your chance! I can only be referring to insane and intense battle between cult favorite Mountain Dew flavors, Baja Blast and Pitch Black. A "DewCision" as they call it. But fans know the deal. This is the chance for Mountain Dew enthusiasts to get their favorite flavor back on the market permanently. Now, I'm personally a Mello Yello fan, but so many of my friends have ranted and raved over the about just how great these flavors are, so even for an outside like me, this was my chance to make up for lost time. For example, I missed out on Pepsi Holiday Spice and I imagine that won't be coming back anytime soon. Well, it may. Who knows, it could be the next Crystal Pepsi a

Ronald McDonald House: Day 2

On Wednesday I hit the McDonald House Sale and walked away with darn fine goodies! In fact, I had such great luck, I decided to go back for a second round on Thursday for more stuff. Now, I know what you're thinking. Chad, why would you go a second time (Let alone third and fourth? More on that in the next coming days.). Well, with a building that's normally used as a warehouse, there's always more stuff being added to fill up bare shelves. Plus, my fiancée went with me, so having a spare set of eyes was more than useful in an otherwise already familiar situation. Personally, with the exception of a few items I wanted to save for clearance days, I thought I had seen them all. So to have Laurie with me, was an extra help. Isn't that Tigger awfully frightening in that pose? Almost like he's possessed. It's a good thing she came with me, too, because the second day was even more of a success! Keychains: (.35) Keen! I love keychains just as

REVIEW: Stay Puft (2016)

With the new Ghostbusters movie coming out, you better believe the merchandising we're gonna receive is going to be pretty awesome. I mean, we're looking at a LOT of fun stuff. We're getting Slimer and Stay Puft shaped marshmallows, ECTO COOLER will be back at the end of this month, plush characters, new Hot Wheel cars, clothes, and more! It's great! But my favorite kind of merchandising that's being released? Other than Ecto Cooler, I gotta say it's the action figures themselves. Pretty good sculpts of the actresses, sure, but the true MVP of the new Mattel line is definitely an old favorite. The true mascot of Ghostbusters (sorry Slimer!), STAY PUFT! There he is! Oh yes! This thing is awesome! Standing at 6 inches or so in all his adorable, happy faced, marshmallow goodne...hey...wait a minute... "BALLOON GHOST"? Oh. Ok. Well...this is awkward. Ok, I'm being dramatic for the sake of blogging. I did notice this in a friend's Insta

Ronald McDonald House Sale: Day 1

Just because it's a week day, does NOT mean the treasure hunting ends. No sir. Whether it's a thrift store or a church rummage sale, I will be there hunting for a rare VHS or old toy or maybe even some old juice glasses with cartoon characters. And today was the biggest non flea market treasure hunting experience. The legendary Ronald McDonald House Sale! A local favorite, a charity/donation driven second hand sale that spans from Tuesday to Saturday two times a year. The departments are huge, they're usually broken up int holiday decorations, sporting goods, movies and books, clothes, kitchenware, furniture, toys and even collectibles, and so much more. It's like a much cheaper and probably more sanitary trip to Walmart. The best part? THEY HAVE A HALLOWEEN ROOM: You can hear Ric Flair's theme song play as you enter this heavenly room...So many awesome Halloween items. These two may have been my favorites: How great are these old candy bowls?