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Watch Out Cobra, The Fridge is Coming Through!

I'm a Chicago Bears fan. I'm also a lifetime G.I. Joe fan. So, how does one combine both interest into one great, beacon of light that will entertain children for years to come? Well, it's your lucky day, pal! Time to Super Bowl Shuffle all over Cobra! Yep, that's right! In 1987, Hasbro offered an exclusive mail-away offer that shook the world to it's very core. Chicago Bears mega-star William "The Fridge" Perry was now available as a GI Joe action figure, thanks to sending in just a couple proofs of purchase and a slip that featured the lovable Monster of the Midway. By 1987, Perry's star was at a peak. He'd appear on tv shows, advertisements, and even Wrestlemania 2. But since then, he hasn't really done much other than sadly suffer from problems due to his large frame and get inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame. But his legacy of winning Super Bowl 20 lives on in plastic form. Let's take a gander, shall we? Ok, so if I had a mint

The Gizmo Pillow FOUND!

I'd be lying if I said my writing wasn't influenced by Matt of the pop culture web site Dinosaur Dracula . In fact, I was reading his former page X-Entertainment  on a daily experience in high school during it's initial debut. I have to believe that his site has to be the one of the funniest and most entertaining sites on the web regarding geek culture. That said, back in 2006 Matt posted a post called " The Christmas Fallout ", a yearly review of the gifts he'd receive for Christmas. In this years entry he received a throw pillow in the form of the head of Gizmo from Gremlins. When I saw all 42 inches of his pillowy-goodness, I knew I had to have it. At this point, I was planning for my move into my own apartment and decided that would be an awesome piece to have. Now, let it be known that I didn't move out of my mom's basement, but I said when I got my apartment I'd have Gizmo nestled up on my couch. Imagine walking into my living room and seei

Finding Freeman: Found? PT. 1

At the beginning of this year, I had some goals that I set for myself. Some reasonable, some not. One of the most unreasonable goals was finding the missing actor Eric Freeman, star of Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2. As I wrote in a previous entry in December  in which I vented my frustration after years of theories, searching and finally giving up, I predicted he didn't want to be found due to his privacy and the infamy due to the infamous "Garbage Day" scene and the general goofiness of the film. Well, since writing that blog entry on my humble, small, no frills blog, I have uncovered information regarding Eric Freeman's current status. Let's begin from the absolute beginning. For the uninitiated, a simple comment on the Silent Night Deadly Night 2 DVD commentary stating that Eric Freeman couldn't be found. The DVD's release was in 2003, so over the course of the past ten years, so many stories popped up regarding what could have happened. And