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Thank Pod It's Friday! Episode 1!

Toward the end of 2017, my buddies Derek, TC and I were discussing the idea of doing a podcast together. A few ideas came up, but the idea for a TGIF themed podcast came up, in jest, but as time went on, it turned out to be a good idea. So, from a silly group text discussion about Cody Lambert and Urkel, comes a new podcast! Three great friends who have genuine love for these ridiculous shows and the insanity that went along with them. TGIF went through a lot of ups and downs during it's run and we plan on covering all of it! We all hope you enjoy the show and continue to listen. We've got some fun discussions coming and maybe even some fun guests from some of your favorite podcasts? Hmmm...I wonder who could stop by and join us? Now, to clear up any confusion, The HorrorMovieBBQ Podcast, Graham and Chad Talk Rasslin' , and the Terror Twins Podcast are not going away. Far from it. In fact, you can expect more new episodes soon! This is just another show to sit down an

Living In Target's Bunny Wonderland

You know me. You know that I love rabbits more than any other creature in the world. So of course once Valentines Day goes away, I know I'll become bombarded by every company in the world with their amazing bunny products for Easter. Now, much like Halloween , there's one store more than any other I expect to blow me away and give me almost an Easter sanctuary to visit when I'm feeling down. You know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. I'm talking Target. And when it came to delivering the fluffy goodness, they didn't let me down at all. Hop Shop? Well, we're starting this experience off on the right foot...err...paw. Hey wait a minute...what's that near the produce section... Bunny paws, eh? Hmmm... Look I know better then to let my rabbits near the produce in my apartment otherwise I'll be out a dinner. I know this can't end well. that...? A-Ha! Of course! Bunnies love carrots, so it only makes sense that he'

Some Awesome WWF Hasbro Figures!

It's been a while since I've featured WWF Hasbros on the blog, which considering how great they are, makes no sense. I should at least be doing 8 writeups a day on how great they are. Until that happens, we'll have to just spend a few moments looking at some of the finest (and not so finest) mini-superstars, as Lord Alfred Hayes would refer to them as. So bust out that beat up ring, grab some Ecto Cooler and let's check out some of the best figures from a byegone era! Hacksaw Jim Duggan: A favorite of so many young kids due to his loud and reckless behavior as well as giving fans the thumbs up as he enters the ring, Jim was one of the biggest WWF superstars in the late 80s/early 90s and the only wrestler to, my knowledge, who walks down to the ring with a giant board to beat up bad guys and still be perceived as a good guy. His action feature of slamming his fist down like your drunk uncle at a picnic and bashing his opponents with his 2x4 (missing here) makes