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The 2022 Flea Market Kickoff

​ Well it’s finally here! Opening day of the 2022 flea market season! If you’ve been reading my blog long enough, you know that no matter what else I have going on in life, I never miss the first day. Sure I’ll miss 95% of the rest of the season because I’m too lazy and decided to sleep in after watching old Facts of Life reruns the night before, but never that first day! It’s always a good time whether I find stuff or not. Familiar vendors, new vendors, old stuff, new stuff and usually a lot of wild banter and takes about new movies, world events and collectibles I never would expect to hear. Everyone’s usually in a great mood after a long, depressing and tiring winter sucks the life out of us, so what better way to put winter behind us for good and finally get out of the house and through dirty bins of old records and dusty VHS tapes? Lots of wild stuff today. A lot of it I left behind only because I’m currently on a tight budget with two major conventions on the horizon so while, ye