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Opening A Pack Of American Gladiators Cards!

 I've been on a massive American Gladiators kick lately thanks to the 24 hour AG channel on PlutoTV. In fact, I think I'm even more in love with this show NOW than I was in 1992. I've really been sent down some deep rabbit holes in regards to our heroes and naturally that's taken me on eBay journeys as well.  Thankfully Gladiators merch is rather cheap, especially the action figures. Those things are super easy to hunt down. I mean, heck I was able to find one for .50 at a flea market just recently. Other merchandise for the brave and beefy heroes of the Gladiator Arena became run the gamut from lunchboxes to candy bars to video games and of course the old reliable of any quasi-popular franchises from the dawn of time...TOPPS TRADING CARDS! I was recently gifted a pack of these beauties from my friend Brandon aka BORT and decided I needed to share the wealth with you guys. So come take a journey back in time and check out these amazing pieces of 90's beefcakery!