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Some Awesome VHS Print Ads!

The VHS resurgence is really making me smile. No really. My earliest memories of my life were spent in the local video store with my father. Since that early age, I've had a deep love of the video store experience and collecting VHS in general. And while the posters and VHS artwork in general were amazing, sometimes the advertisements for the tapes were just as awesome. Today, thanks to various places from the corners of the internet, I want to share some of my favorites... Return to Horror High was a real stinker of a movie that was an early credit to this no name actor named George Clooney, but the blood leaking out of that locker and raw photography kinda makes me want to go back and watch it in order to give it another shot...kinda... Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child is my favorite of the Elm Street series and quite frankly, I'm biased towards ANYTHING involving that movie. Hence it's inclusion in this article. Media was the tape dist

BUY ME TOYS! 4 Things I Want From ToyFair 2014

It's ToyFair 2014 time! And with that special time of the year in which toy companies give us a good head start as to how much to expect to be in debt. As a toy geek, every fan can expect every company to make us WANT EVERYTHING just by flashing a prototype. After viewing the photos posted by action figure news sites, you can finally start budgeting properly, despite all the promises you were going to properly budget throughout the year. This is the true priority. Thus far, photos have been trickling unto the internet at an accelerating speed. Photos of amazing plastic goodness have been flooding our Facebook feeds and have been littering Twitter. A lot of great companies putting out their A-Game effort and a lot of fans have already begun their shopping list. Myself included. Holy crap, there's been some amazing stuff so far and I get the sense we still haven't seen the biggest and most monumental announcements. But for now, I've seen enough photos that are making me