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My Halloween Playlist!

Well, the big day is almost here! Got your costume? Great! Got your friends coming over for your Halloween party to partake in spooky activities? Awesome! Some fun recipes for spooky treats? Excellent! But you're missing something. No not the guy who's still dressing like the Michael Jackson zombie from Thriller. He can wait outside. In fact it's prolly best if you just tell that guy you're not even having a party. He'll just take over the iPod and play Thriller 3 times in a row just so he can do that weird zombie dance over and over again. Besides, it's all about David Bowie or Prince this year. Expect to see a lot of Goblin King or lavender suits running around. But if you see someone with ass-less pants, you may wanna kick him out too. Unless you have plastic covering up your couch. Either way, butts and bad zombie dancing aside, you need some good music for your party, otherwise it's just gonna be a lame middle school party all over again. You know the

Remembering WCW Halloween Havoc

It seemed WCW never could win. Even when they were at their best, they always seemed to screw things up. Just when they took two steps forward, they took 5 steps back somehow. I could use the nWo as an example. Taking three outsiders and turning them into the top heels of the company. That is until they decided just to add every former WWF wrestler they could get their hands on. And Buff Bagwell. Great idea, right? Of course, their almost hilarious ineptitude didn't just pertain to the roster of wrestlers, No sir! Why if you looked at the entire history of the company, they always seemed to do something stupid and ruin any good progress they may have made. One of the greatest and yet irritating mistakes was how goofy the company got with one of my favorite PPV's in all of pro wrestling history: Halloween Havoc. Halloween Havoc, started in 1989, was pretty simple. It was in October. Spooky and crazy shenanigans happened. That was it. That was all we needed to see. WCW wo

MonsterVision In Rochester!

Last night, I had the absolutely joy to travel back to TNT circa 1996!  No, not them. I already wrote about them. But I never turn down a chance to rep my love of the nWo! #4Life If I'm not referring to the nWo, I must be referring to TNT's MonsterVision starring the B-Movie lovin', ex-wife hatin', Drive In Total countin' host, Mr. Joe Bob Briggs! The weekly series in which our friend Joe Bob introduced the best and sometimes worst in horror and scifi movies! Along with his trademark wit and extensive knowledge of these films, Joe Bob also had guest stars, "Mailbag Girls", and the famous DriveIn Totals, in which he'd put out the things to look for. While Joe Bob has contributed a lot to the world of cinema, it's from this memorable tv show that we all remember and love him the most. Although, if you ever want a great laugh, check out his commentary on multiple movies including I Spit On Your Grave! the man himself Sadly for us fa