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My Favorite McBoo!

                            Source: Pintrest With all the talk and scuttle-butt surrounding    McDonalds bringing back the McBoo pail for a very limited run, I got to thinking about my favorite piece of Halloween ephemera which instantly transports me back to being a kid.    Allow me to take you back to 1990 and a fateful trip to McDonalds so I could get the glorious GLOW IN THE DARK MCBOO PAIL!!! Yes. Look at him. Still glows too: By 1990, McDonalds had been about 5 or so years into the McBoo pail game and for the most part, they were all great. Mainly pumpkins, but somewhere around 88/89, they started offering others like a green witch and a white ghost. Essentially if you wanted to trick or treat using the Silver Shamrock masks as treat receptacles, this was the closest you’d get. To the untrained eye, they were nothing more than cheap Halloween buckets that the dollar store employee would laugh at. But to us kids? These were high class trick or treating technology. And they looked