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Figures Cinema Forgot by Guest Blogger Jay of the Sexy Armpit

Banner by: Jay of TheSexyArmpit Chad from Horror Movie BBQ is a good dude and he asked me if I wanted in on a post team-up he was thinking about. The topic was crucial and my decision depended on it because if it was a subject that I'm not a connoisseur on, I would've had my reservations about doing it, but I was absolutely in for FIGURES CINEMA FORGOT! At first I didn't think I could come up with more than one or two at most, but I came up with 8 which was way over the limit!   You know how it is, after you see a movie that you really dug, lots of times, it makes you feel like a kid again and the first thing you want to do is go to Toys R Us or Target to see if they have the action figures from the film. Collecting the figures is just the logical next step.   It would seem that any movie featuring characters that are even the slightest bit marketable and appealing to children get an action figure line, but unfortunately that isn't always the case.

Figures Cinema Forgot By Guest Thomas Bryce of ShitMovieFest

  Banner by: Jay of TheSexyArmpit Today, the master of shitty entertainment himself, Mr. Thomas Bryce, stops by and shares his list of Figures Cinema Forgot! Thankfully, there's no shitty picks in this list! The Running Man: Of all the Arnold Schwarzenegger movies from the 80s, I truly believe that "The Running Man" could have made bank on a toy-line! They could have made a miniature Running Man TV Show Set that came exclusively with "Damon Killian"! They could have done Stalkers/Runner twin packs e.g. Professor Subzero / Ben Richards Fireball / William Laughlin Dynamo/ Amber Mendez Buzzsaw / Harold Weiss Captain Freedom and Ben Richards deluxe boxset that came with the cage they thought in! Dynamo and Buzzsaw's Vehicles And for the mail away (proof of purchase) special you could send away for Last year's Winners . . . Whitman, Price, and Haddad! These figures would have owned and I would have spent hours on end playing with them!

Figures Cinema Forgot: By James "Doc Terror" Harris

Banner by: Jay of TheSexyArmpit Today's entry in the Figures Cinema Forgot is a contribution of my buddy James Harris, who you may know as Doc Terror. Definitely some fantastic picks! 1. Stephen King’s The Mist – Can you imagine the inter-dimensional bug/animal hybrid mammoth creatures as a full sized, plastic renditions. Perhaps made of the same type of plastic molds that Battle Cat was made of in the old He-man line. Of course you could produce individual players as well. David Drayton, Mrs. Carmody… it’s really all just a set up to get the big monsters made, collectible and pose-able. 2. Tourist Trap – Davey and Mr. Slausen – Of course you can also make various characters that have detachable mannequin body parts but the main guy… the big one is Mr. Slausen/Davey. You’d need to make him two-faced (like Man-E-Faces from He-man) and you could also release separate figures. Slausen and Davey. You’d also have to have the mannequin creation lab where you would b

Figures Cinema Forgot: By Guest Writer Stay Still of StayStillReviews

Banner by: Jay of TheSexyArmpit A few months ago, my friend John Squires(of FreddyInSpace) and I discussed our sadness for certain figures from movies that were never produced. A lot of great ideas sprung from our discussion. After a while I reached out to a lot of bloggers and writers I love and respect and offered them a space to rant about the figures they wish were produced. So, I give you, Figures Cinema Forgot! Enjoy!-Chad Top Ten Characters That Deserved To Be Made Into Action Figures 1) Chief Brody, Matt Hooper, and Quint - Jaws - Yes, we did get the McFarlane series 4 box-set of the Orca sinking with Mr. Bruce the shark himself swallowing Quint. A true thing of beauty. I feel with Jaws still being just as popular as it was nearly forty years ago, selling the three main characters separately along with a new and improved twelve inch shark, with attachable barrels would be complete gold. I mean Hallmark all ready released a Jaws ornament so it goes to show the m