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Figures Cinema Forgot by Guest Blogger Jay of the Sexy Armpit

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Chad from Horror Movie BBQ is a good dude and he asked me if I wanted in on a post team-up he was thinking about. The topic was crucial and my decision depended on it because if it was a subject that I'm not a connoisseur on, I would've had my reservations about doing it, but I was absolutely in for FIGURES CINEMA FORGOT! At first I didn't think I could come up with more than one or two at most, but I came up with 8 which was way over the limit!


You know how it is, after you see a movie that you really dug, lots of times, it makes you feel like a kid again and the first thing you want to do is go to Toys R Us or Target to see if they have the action figures from the film. Collecting the figures is just the logical next step.


It would seem that any movie featuring characters that are even the slightest bit marketable and appealing to children get an action figure line, but unfortunately that isn't always the case. There's been a ton of movies that either didn't get an accompanying action figure line, or they had action figure lines but for some reason there was one or two damn characters everyone adored that never got immortalized as a figure. Other times the character was made into a plush or a Happy Meal toy, but never an actual standard action figure.


This is the epidemic that has lead us to devise our own TOP 8 Movie characters that never got an official action figure. Read along and please feel free to list your own in the comments or on Twitter! @sexyarmpit @horrormoviebbq


8) King Terak from Ewoks: The Battle for Endor. I really don't know why he made it on here. Because when I think about it, I don't even know what I'd do with him. He'd most likely get ignored by me in favor of ANY OTHER FIGURE. Let's just pretend that this entry didn't actually happen.


(Chad's Note: Seek this out. Immediately. It's worth watching and owning)

7) Zygon, the main villain from Starchaser: The Legend of Orin, the first 3D full length animated movie. I'd like to keep him on this list even though he'd be pretty lonely since amongst my other collection since there were never any Starchaser figures made. He'd have no one to fight or grab and intergalactic IPA with.


6) STATION! Kenner's Bill and Ted figures didn't come out until summer of '91 to coincide with the release of the sequel, Bogus Journey, but the figure line was actually based off of the original 1989 film. They did throw in a Grim Reaper figure from Bogus Journey for good measure, so there was no good reason why we never saw a STATION figure/figures other than Kenner being too cheap to design a completely new sculpt. NOT EXCELLENT!



4) MOMBI from Return to Oz. Ok so I've broken the rules once again by cramming 2 entries into one, so, whatcha gonna do brothers? One of my favorite movies EVER only got the figure treatment in Japan with the super rare and pricey Tik-Tok, Scarecrow, Tin Woodsmen, and Jack Pumpkinhead, but no reason to BEWARE THE WHEELERS because there were no damn Wheelers to beware of. No freaking Mombi either! What an outrage. How badass would it have been if we had a MOMBI figure with alternate heads? Someone listen to me dammit, this is good stuff.



3) The Horned King. I saw Return to Oz AND The Black Cauldron at Radio City Music Hall when they came out and of course, the Wheelers scared the shit out of me like you wouldn't believe. Although, another quaint little character who scared the bejesus out of me was the always stylish and metrosexual, Horned King from The Black Cauldron.


The Wheelers, Mombi, and The Horned King were my certified nightmare fuel when I was a kid. I have to admit, I've never once written the phrase "Nightmare Fuel," but since it's such a hot trend nowadays I figured I'd do it at least once. It's most likely never going to happen again so enjoy this moment. Anyway, both of these films were contained scary and outlandish visions for small children whose parents thought they were taking their kids to typical happy go lucky Disney movies. I loved every second of them and I appreciate that my parents didn't micromanage the movies I saw.


Wrestling accounts for slots 2 and 1. We're in a period of time where all kinds of wrestling figures are getting made, right down to a specific night that a wrestler wore a certain t-shirt or specially designed trunks to go along with a pay per view. Still, there are so many looks and renditions of wrestlers that we haven't yet seen in action figure form.


2) Rip, Hulk Hogan's character from the 1989 movie No Holds Barred. I've seen a few bootlegs based off both Hasbro and LJN WWF action figure lines, but there was never any official release and there's not much of shot that we'll see on in the near future. Like many wrestling fans from the '80s, my Dad took me to see No Holds Barred when it was in theaters and I loved every second of it, so, a true official Rip figure (blue outfit/white title belt) would be a superb addition to my collection. They made Zeus, so let's get a Rip figure!


1) Randy "The Ram" Robinson. The Wrestler is one of my all time favorite movies and since there was never even a promotional figure getting passed around by collectors during the films release, I settled on getting a Hasbro style bootleg from a seller on eBay, but I'd prefer owning the actual figure that Randy kept on his dashboard in the movie.


Who would be on your list of Figures Cinema Forgot? Let us know in the comments section or on Twitter: @sexyarmpit

Thanks to Chad from HorrorMovieBBQ for inviting me to do this.

Much thanks to Jay of the Sexy Armpit for contributing to this. You can find his wild adventures at his blog, the Facebook Page and on his Twitter page!


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Figures Cinema Forgot By Guest Thomas Bryce of ShitMovieFest


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Today, the master of shitty entertainment himself, Mr. Thomas Bryce, stops by and shares his list of Figures Cinema Forgot! Thankfully, there's no shitty picks in this list!

The Running Man:

Of all the Arnold Schwarzenegger movies from the 80s, I truly believe that "The Running Man" could have made bank on a toy-line! They could have made a miniature Running Man TV Show Set that came exclusively with "Damon Killian"! They could have done Stalkers/Runner twin packs e.g. Professor Subzero / Ben Richards Fireball / William Laughlin Dynamo/ Amber Mendez Buzzsaw / Harold Weiss Captain Freedom and Ben Richards deluxe boxset that came with the cage they thought in! Dynamo and Buzzsaw's Vehicles And for the mail away (proof of purchase) special you could send away for Last year's Winners . . . Whitman, Price, and Haddad! These figures would have owned and I would have spent hours on end playing with them!

The Last Dragon:

 It makes me sad that even to this day with have never gotten either a "Bruce Leroy" or a "Sho'nuff" aka The Shogun of Harlem figure! The company that made those lame ass Karate Kid figures in the mid 80s should have capitalized on making some Last Dragon figures of the same scale so Sho'nuff could join up with the Cobra Kai and steal LaRusso's Lunch Money!

A Tremors toy line:

I would have loved to see a line of figures based off the first two "Tremors" films! For the first movie I'd throw in all 4 Graboids, Val and Earl two pack that comes with their truck, Burt and Heather Basement Playset, Mindy with pogo stick action, Walter Chang and his general store, Rhonda and the Water Tower, and a stand alone Melvin Plug with a basketball! As for part two you could make multiple Shrieker figures (like the TMNT's mousers), Grady, and Burt's Huge Ass Truck!

Humans from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II:

The Secret of the Ooze! One thing that always bugged me about The Ninja Turtles toy-line as kid for the simple fact that they would release multiple and very unnecessary/outlandish versions of the the turtles themselves over and over again . . . but not capitalize on making more figures from the very popular movies! One of my favorite toys from the entire 90s line is the "Movie Star" Foot Soldier, besides being a Bad Ass Ninja toy I was able to also use him in my WWF Wrestling Toy League! Having the foot soldier made me wish there were more "Human" figures in the line from the movies For Example: Casey Jones with removable mask to reveal a likenss of Elias Koteas! Danny with a mini arcade cabinet of the TMNT Game! Tatsu aka Shredder's right-hand man in the first two flicks! Keno with a box of Pizza! Professor Jordan Perry with a removable TGRI Hard Hat And last but not least Vanilla Ice! Oddly enough the toys for the third movie did feature a plethora of human characters including Elias Koteas' as "Whit" (but sadly not as Casey)


Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever:


 I would have love to own some figures from the sequel of "Rock 'N' Roll Hight School"! First up they would need to make one for each of the five members of "The Eradicators" with their muscial instruments! A second figure of Jesse Davis (Feldman) complete with a skateboard and the interchangeable head of a 40 year old man who served as his stuntman on all skateboard scenes! Vice Principal Vader with interchangeable gloved hand, a metal claw, and a whip! Tabatha with a food tray of Sugar, Salt, Fat, and Booze. A 3 Pack of those two dumbass quards hired by Vader along with her Dog! Whitney with real puking action Oh and also a fridge toy is a must for Applicance Worship!

Thanks to Thomas Bryce for stopping by and contributing to this fun project. For more ShitMovieFest, you can head over to his fun blog here  . You can keep up with his great Facebook page here, where you'll find fun new pictures and giveaways!


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Figures Cinema Forgot: By James "Doc Terror" Harris

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Today's entry in the Figures Cinema Forgot is a contribution of my buddy James Harris, who you may know as Doc Terror. Definitely some fantastic picks!

1. Stephen King’s The Mist – Can you imagine the inter-dimensional bug/animal hybrid mammoth creatures as a full sized, plastic renditions. Perhaps made of the same type of plastic molds that Battle Cat was made of in the old He-man line. Of course you could produce individual players as well. David Drayton, Mrs. Carmody… it’s really all just a set up to get the big monsters made, collectible and pose-able.

2. Tourist Trap – Davey and Mr. Slausen – Of course you can also make various characters that have detachable mannequin body parts but the main guy… the big one is Mr. Slausen/Davey. You’d need to make him two-faced (like Man-E-Faces from He-man) and you could also release separate figures. Slausen and Davey. You’d also have to have the mannequin creation lab where you would buy white ooze that you could drip on the “pretty” tourists into mannequins.

3. Creepshow 2 – Old Chief Woodenhead, The Hitchhiker and The Raft lake monster… I must own an Old Chief Woodenhead action figure. He should come with a hatchet, bow and arrow, paint can and knife as well as scalps (yes multiples). If we’ve gone that far then of course we should also create The Raft monster which is really just a large oil slick. This would be made of a thin nylon with multiple colors in it and filled with an oil like fluid. It would come with various skeletal parts as well… the raft. Perfect for the bathtub. Then of course there’s the Hitchhiker. This one would have to have a push button on the back that says “Thanks for the ride, lady”. It would have multiple layers looking human and unscathed at first and then would peel back multiple layers to be completely mutilated including at least one tire tread, hanging eye ball and wearing a knit hat. Press the hat down and he squirts water. Die the water red for the complete effect.

4. The Blob – This vexed me something fierce. No Blob toys? Really? How have we gone over fifty years without an appropriate Blob toy? This is how it would work. You get a pink gel fluid that is exactly like the green slime from your favorite 80’s toys. The thing is, what good is a Blob unless you have things for the Blob to seep through. Enter the play dough set you had when you were a kid. The one that squeezed out the dough into long strips when you pressed on the handle. This would extrude the pink goo through whatever you’d want. It would come with a theater set, a small container (ala Son of Blob) and option bowling alley or ice rink play set. You can buy add ons from all three movies (include the remake). Perhaps a darker, more sinister variant for the 1988 Blob with gory victims.

5. 2000 Maniacs Toys – for this toy you’d need several separate figures. Each toy would mimic one of the gory death sequences form the picture. You’d get a character that in a barrel with nails outside of the barrel, you’d roll it, the nails would go in and the head would pop out the end on an elongated bloody neck. You would also have a crusher toys that dropped a giant weight onto one of the characters. Another action figure would have removable body parts to be hacked off. Of course each set would come with a southern flag banner with Pleasant Valley written across it in turn of the century type face to spread out in your living room while you play.

6. The Gate – First you’d have a Glen figure. He would come with several rockets including a giant rocket and would have an eye in the palm of his hand. The deluxe Glen would include the family dog. Then you’d have Terry in full heavy metal uniform. He would come with a small record with exquisite details, but he would also come with a small, thin vinyl (think of the one’s you’d get in cereal boxes in the 80’s). It would feature the back masked instructions to raise and dispel the demons (Sacrifyx artwork). Each figure would come with a couple minion demons. You could be separately the giant lord demon. He would come with variations of the smaller demons. Limited edition send away dead construction worker with proof of purchase.

7. Prince of Darkness – Yes you could buy an Alice Cooper action figure, but you could also buy a Donald Pleasance one as well. Pleasance would come with the green good jar. Each character would come with a holographic mirror. You could have Dr. Paul Leahy, Calder and of course the big bad, face peeler at the end. This set could actually creep me out no matter how basic. I’d be staring into the holographic mirrors the whole time waiting… for something.

8. Psychomania – Think of this as an old Evil Knievel play set with a skull helmeted biker being launched through several different obstacle. The set would come with a frog toy and various versions of a brick wall. Pull the bike back a few times and watch it thrust through the wall.

 9. BBK – The reason this needs to get made is pure and simple. Gutterballs is a totally raunchy, cult slasher neo-classic with lots of fans who would love to play with the BBK and more than just as a pillow buddy. You could give him his “helmet”, bowling pins (several and one sharpened), bowling shoes, two bowling balls, but I think the real sell here is to use the variations of cover art to give him different holographic faces underneath his bag head. You pull of the head and then you could see him as Joe Spinelli from Maniac or Camille Keaton from I Spit on Your Grave etc. Each one would be different having a different holographic face under the mask. Collect them all. This one would come with a bowling score card with BBK on it. Comes with a small ball return and severed head.

Thanks to James Harris aka Doc Terror for his contribution. Be sure to stop by his site for constant reviews, updates and giveaways! And don't forget to follow him on Twitter and like him on Facebook!


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Figures Cinema Forgot: By Guest Writer Stay Still of StayStillReviews

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A few months ago, my friend John Squires(of FreddyInSpace) and I discussed our sadness for certain figures from movies that were never produced. A lot of great ideas sprung from our discussion. After a while I reached out to a lot of bloggers and writers I love and respect and offered them a space to rant about the figures they wish were produced. So, I give you, Figures Cinema Forgot! Enjoy!-Chad

Top Ten Characters That Deserved To Be Made Into Action Figures

1) Chief Brody, Matt Hooper, and Quint - Jaws
- Yes, we did get the McFarlane series 4 box-set of the Orca sinking with Mr. Bruce the shark himself swallowing Quint. A true thing of beauty. I feel with Jaws still being just as popular as it was nearly forty years ago, selling the three main characters separately along with a new and improved twelve inch shark, with attachable barrels would be complete gold. I mean Hallmark all ready released a Jaws ornament so it goes to show the market for this movie is still going strong. Chief Brody could come with his handgun and riffle he uses to destroy the beat at the end of the film. Hooper could be dressed in his scuba suit and anti-shark cage. Quint could come with his machete, and mini chalk board with that awesome shark eating the stick figure drawing. Here's to swimmin with bowlegged women!

2) Mary-Lou Maloney - Hello Mary Lou Prom Night II
- One of the most underrated sequels from the 1980's. This is a doll that I believe would sell like hot cakes at local horror conventions. Instead of doing a pretty Mary-Lou, I would release an action figure of how she looks right before she goes down in flames in the 1950's with the better half of her burned away. This is a figure where detail would be most important. Her accessories could be her sash, and of course her crown. For once a strong awesome female villain could get their moment to shine.

3) Giant Ghoulie with mini Ghoulies for him to eat! - Ghoulies II
- I'm sorta stunned that there isn't any offical Critters or Ghoulies dolls or figures. In fact besides custom figures, you won't have any luck searing for these furry and slime covered creatures. One of my greatest guilty pleasure movies is Ghoulies II and I think it would be a riot if they ever did a SE edition double release for Ghoulies 1&2 and release a limited release of a six or seven inch figure based off the giant Ghoulie that stalks the fairgrounds at the end of part II. I would have it come with a base with a pentagram on it. The best feature of this figure is that the giant Ghoulie's mouth opens and it's stomach is made out of latex, so it comes with several tiny versions of the other Ghoulies that you can put in the big one's mouth and have him eat.

5) Jack Sr with several changeable weapon accessories! . - The Mutilator
There should be more toys/figures based off underrated slashers from the 1980's. There are so many killers that deserve their moment to shine it's not even funny. One of the lesser known killers I believe that would be truly awesome to see would be a figure based off the father killer from The Mutilator. This would be another limited release for true hardcore horror/slasher fans. The changeable weapons would be the greatest part, he would have his battle axe, saws, and of course giant fish hook!

6) The Miner - My Bloody Valentine
Another favorite slasher killer of mine who deserves an official figure release no matter what size. This movie is still very popular among horror fans and even found a new audience with the 2009 remake. The miner could come complete with his famous pickax and bloody valentine heart shaped boxes.

7) Kate and Billy + Gizmo holiday box set  - Gremlins
- There are hundreds of Gremlin dolls, in fact in the last few years almost every single Gremlin featured on screen has gotten the figure and toy treatment. In fact even the lighting Gremlin from The New Batch even got a toy. These things have been popular and huge sellers ever since the movie was released back in 1984. Now thirty years old this year, I feel right before the holidays it would be fitting to get the ultimate box set based off the original movie. This would feature Kate, Billy, and in his backpack a little mini Gizmo. Trust me, I would buy six.

8) Elizabeth Shelley with removable parts! - Frankenhooker
- This was a huge toss up between this movie and Brian Damage. I feel having your very own Frankenhooker doll would be a horror fan's dream. Just think, having a figure that has a voice box and with a press of a button you get her famous catch phases. "Wanna date?" "Got some money?!" Purple has never looked so good! Also with removable parts you can stick off and on! A perfect gift for Valentine's Day.

9) Angela, Suzanne, and Stooge with changeable heads - Night Of The Demons
- A truly awesome release for Halloween would be figures based off one of the best October themed horror movies of all time! This could either be sold separate or as a box-set, the Night Of The Demons figures could become a must for any horror fan out there. These awesome figures could come with changeable heads so you can chose to either have the regular teens or the possessed teens. Another awesome bonus would of course be a mini boom box and pig nose for Stooge, a tiny mirror with a demon painted on it for Angela, and a little lipstick for Suzanne. Each doll should come with a tiny plastic apple with a little razor blade stricking out of it. The packing could also have artwork or design based off the opening credits!

10) Jerry, Evil, and Amy boxset - Fright Night
- I can take at least fifty people right off the top of my head who would sell out some serious money for a dream box set like this. Yet again you could sell these all together or separate. Jerry turned as the vampire, with that long trench coat and scarf maybe even his demon bat form with him. Evil Ed with the burned cross mark on his forehead and maybe a removable red doll wig. "His dinner is in the oven!" and of course Amy with that dazzling huge smile of hers!

-Thanks to Stacy Still of StayStillReviews for stopping by! You can keep up with her love of Jaws, Waxwork, Christine, and everything Zach Galligan  at here Facebook page as well as her blog!