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Graham and Chad WATCH Survivor Series 1992!

Graham of and Chad are BACK for another episode of "Graham and Chad Talk Rasslin"! The anticipated Survivor Series 1992 episode has finally become live. I apologize for the major delay but it was worth it to give you such a fun show! This PPV is a pretty big deal to both Graham and I, so we decided to try something new and WATCH the show and give our thoughts! You can always watch along with us, or just listen to us as we: -Describe the event. -Discuss the buildup. -Rebook the event. -Thoughts on the show. -What was done right and wrong? And of course, it wouldn't be a show without us going completely off the rails and go off topic. Here's some of our highlights: -The joys of South of the Border. -Tormenting our parents with our wrestling obsession. -The Perfect Team's Enchantment Under The Sea Dance Proposal. - And more! Of course, this episode was recorded BEFORE The 2018 Royal Rumble, so we share our predictions for w

Teen Titans Hit BluRay! Booyah!

I'm having a hard time believing that 2018 marks the 15th anniversaries of so many movies or tv shows that I love so much, but that's the way it goes. 2003 was a great year for pop culture, but especially cartoons! And if you were a fan of the DC universe, you were hit with some amazing cartoons! Teen Titans made it's debut on Saturday July 19th 2003 and left an almost immediate impact on it's audiences young and old. The animation, the writing, the great blending of humor and action really brought in people who most likely never would have watched a show like it before. Kids were falling in love with the characters and even finding a character or two to relate to, which became a huge asset to the series as it continued to air. It's audience became rabid and quite loyal to the series, so much so, that you'll find fans continue to reminisce about it in a very loving manner. It's great to know that an entire generation was exposed to these characters thanks

Why Meeting Pee-Wee Herman Is A Big Adventure For Me

Well, it's been a while since I've done a more personal blog entry, but today seems like a fun time to do one. I guess blogging should capture all emotions, not just "hey, here's a review of Teen Titans" or a He-Man review or two. Not that I don't enjoy those, but I feel like my blog could use a dash of my real life here and there. Now, today's entry isn't exactly a sappy entry, it's more of one of complete joy. But I'm sure so many others will share the feelings that I expound upon. When I was about 6, my father passed away. While for many, that would stop a child's innocence and sense of wonder would vanish in the blink of an eye, my mother made sure my childhood and childlike innocence stayed intact. Which probably explains a lot on this site and my personality. A lot of stuff from that time period really stuck with me and I never gave up on my interests or hobbies. It's a probably good thing or it's just plain stubbornness. At

Review: Orca

ORCA BY UMBRELLA ENTERTAINMENT Synopsis: Captain Nolan (Oscar® nominee Richard Harris, Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone ) is a man of the sea. Brave and headstrong, he is a fisherman who takes up the fight of his life against one of nature’s most fearsome creatures – the killer whale. Orca seeks to avenge the death of his pregnant mate, left murdered in blood red waters. Rising from the ocean, leaving behind it a wake of destruction and mayhem, the deadly marine creature lures his human adversaries to a match of wits and survival in the chilly arctic waters. Also starring Bo Derek ( 10 ), Charlotte Rampling ( The Night Porter ), Will Sampson ( One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest ), Keenan Wynn ( Dr. Strangelove ) and Robert Carradine ( Django Unchained ) and featuring the music of award winning composer Ennio Morricone , ORCA is a thrilling aquatic adventure of breathtaking scope.    Extra Features: Audio commentary by fil

Lost Entry: Pepsi Fire

(Since it's a new year, I thought I'd dust off a few entries I either didn't complete or just got so busy I didn't post. There may be a little more hindsight within these than I intended as a lot of content was never finished but, hey, better late than never! I really wanted to have this entry aprticular all completed and posted but finishing #MOTUMonth seemed to be a bigger priority. Hope you enjoy this entry more than I did drinking it! ) Pepsi Fire is here, ladies and gelm. Are you ready for it? We'll see. I'm still not sure if I was ready. I'm still a little taken aback at Pepsi's boldness for mixing cinnamon and soda. Normally I'd just write it off as a bad idea with good intentions but as I get older, I'm more open to try radical new ideas such as this. After all, Pepsi usually rolls out their experimental falvors around summer time and it usually results in something memorable one way or the other. I'm still trying to get Sev'