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(Warning, if you've never seen Thrashin, you should probaby stop reading this. It contains spoilers. Although, if you're reading this, it's a great chance you've already seen it. If you haven't, I implore you to go out and buy it. I love movies like this and I think you will too.) RAD GLEAMING THE CUBE THRASHIN' If you're an 80s film geek or a fan, these 3 movie titles mean something. Universally accepted as the holy trinity of 80s extreme sports movies. Whether it's the high flying action of Rad, the inherent coolness of Christian Slater in Gleaming the Cube, or the over the top fun of Thrashin', all three must be seen and owned. Sadly, Rad hasn't been released on a media format since VHS. Gleaming the Cube hasn't seen a dvd release since 2002. And until now, Thrashin' has also been out of print. But thanks to Olive Films, that problem is being rectified. Because for the first time, Thrashin' skates right onto

Reasons to Love Stone Cold

Oh boy, I've been waiting for this for a very long time... Oh yes. Olive Films is releasing this glorious action classic. THE BOZ IN STONE COLD. I received a screener the other day and I must confess, Olive made the right choice in putting this out. It's a cult classic that hardly gets talked about. Why? I don't know. But seeing it finally hit bluray after way too long of a wait, hopefully brings a little more attention to this. In 1991, Brian Bosworth went from big time NFL flop to movie flop with Stone Cold, a movie where he plays a suspended cop who plays by...get this...NO ONE'S RULES...who gets blackmailed by the FBI to go undercover in a biker gang who also don't believe in the rules of society. Angered by the conviction of their gloriously bearded leader, the bikers cause all sorts of hell on beaches and blowing up old judges and a billion other shenanigans. Ok. So perhaps I didn't do a great job selling you on it so far. But give me a minute here

More Flea Market Fun!

So two things: After a few weeks of doing Friday Finds, I'm discontinuing it. I'm not the best when it comes to doing deadline-related things and it's a lot harder than I originally thought it would be. Especially since I'm not always able to get to the thrift store or flea market as I had hoped. Second, I went to the flea market today. It was glorious. Yeah, I'm aware that graphic is cheesy and lazy, but man, do I love that Gremlins font. I'll prolly come up with something new eventually. Last time I went to the public market was the opening weekend  which resulted in great victory. It's been well over a month since then, and in flea marketing, that's way too long. But as you'll see it was well worth the wait. Although, I let an original Super Soaker still in the box and a set of Super Mario 3 toys from McDonalds slide by, I found some goodies and walked away with a nice story. But first, I knew something was up when I saw this guy...

Friday Finds June 12 2015

So, after a little hiccup, I'm back with Friday Finds. It's truly been an amazing season so far, and it's only June.  But, what I found during my adventures at Niagara Falls Comic Con, may just be the hardest act to follow ever... This...Oh my... So the backstory: In 1993/1994, Now Comics enlisted Mr. T so he went from badass tv star to full fledged comic book star with Mr. T and the T Force! Comic fans will remember this as T would go around to a comic convention or two and hyped it like only he knows how on tv and radio! It's a pretty fun comic with cover art by legendary artist, Neal Adams, known for his Batman work, took care of the cover artwork, adding some credibility to the project. Well, the comic didn't last long. Mr. T wasn't accepted as much and sales weren't that hot. But that didn't stop Dynamic Forces from offering this set. Coming in a trifold binder, you received a gold edition of the first issue signed b

Niagara Falls Comic Con 2015 Report

Well, despite a terrible back injury, I made it across the Canadian border this weekend. Why would I risk further harm on my spine to go into Canada? Why, Niagara Falls Comic Con, of course! My friend Tony and I drove up Saturday for the chance to experience all that there is to experience about this show. Never been, so didn't have a lot to lose. As I mentioned in a previous post, I also haven't done a comic con since New York Comic Con 2007. So 8 years later, comic cons have gotten more hectic and mammoth. The good news was that the convention center was much smaller. The bad news was that the line was wrapping all around the building and looked as if parking was filled to capacity. But, after driving around and temped to give up, we found a spot across the street at a local church. Upon entering, cosplayers began zooming by us and immediately began to amaze us. These weren't just any run of the mill Halloween costumes from Kmart. No sir. These were some of the most