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Gross, but they still get the girls!

In the early 90s, I discovered the Toxic Avenger thanks to a random renting of Toxic Avenger 3. I fell in love with that lump headed hero instantly. Shortly after that, Toxie hit the small screen with a cartoon in which his ragtag band of toxic friends known as the Toxic Crusaders fought crime and saved the environment. This cartoon followed a trend that gave a lot of R-Rated movies a Saturday morning cartoon. Movies like Rambo,  Police Academy, Swamp Thing(Although, it's more of a comic book adaptation) and other violent movies were marketed toward us kiddies and turned into merchandising machines. Toxie and his crew were no different.

In addition to the cartoon, action figures followed. Backed by Playmates, the company responsible for Ninja Turtles, Toxie and his friends march into our hearts(even if my mean mom never let me have any. ha!) witht heir bright colors, bizarre sculpting, and gross features. Indeed, they were following a trend that the Ninja Turtles set in action fig…
Well, the Christmas season is over. All the presents have been opened, the leftovers are rotting in the fridge and you're most likely still whining about that sweater you've received from your Aunt Bedelia. Now, if you're like me, you've been haunting the Christmas clearance aisles at Target and K-Mart for stuff to prepare for next years Christmas.  But, if you're not like me, than you're most likely watching a good horror movie. And today I've got a review of a new independent horror movie. Today's topic of discussion is "NO CLOWNING AROUND".

No Clowning Around is the brainchild of Rob Dimension, who's been somewhat of a renaissance man in the horror world. He's the host of podcasts, he's the moderator of many, many, many Q&A's at Monster Mania conventions, a host of his own horror show, and now he can add director, writer and actor to his resume with this foray into film. And for a first time director, he didn't too b…
In between of writing blog entries, I wanted to wish a very happy 2013 to all my readers, friends and family! i hope it to be a very fruitful and great year for all of us! And remember to stay positive!


Random WWF Hasbro Review: Sgt. Slaughter

So, I've spoken a lot of my love of horror on this blog, but not enough on my love of wrestling. I've been a huge fan of wrestling for almost my whole life. And in that time I've collected a lot of wrestling memorabilia. Especially action figures. And growing up in the early 90s, WWF Hasbro figures were top notch. The Hasbro figures were about 4-5 inches and each figure had a special mechanism. You could make a wrestler punch, jump, bodyslam or whatever. The figures didn't have a lot of movement, but they were pretty bright and colorful as well as cartoony. Many superstars of the day were turned into these little figures and today, I'd like to review one of my favorites...Sgt. Slaughter!

Sgt. Slaughter was one of the most popular wrestlers of his day. And in fact, this may be the best representation, outside his G.I. Joe figures. The sculpting is pretty good. His lower torso was perfectly done with his belt, baggy camo pants and combat boots. Thankfully, his days …


I'm a huuuuuuuge fan of They Live. I think it's a great movie with great action, fantastic acting, great visuals and special effects, and a strong political statement(event hough I'm not political in the least, it has great points.)So, I received my copy of They Live yesterday. I'm super excited! I've been looking forward to getting this for some time now. So, after getting a little extra cash for Christmas I decided it was time to buy the dvd. And I'm very happy I did.

They Live has been released before but more of a "barebones" release(no special features except commentary and maybe a trailer). But this past November, Scream Factory(subdivision of Shout! Factory) gave us a brand new, special edition of this classic. With commentary, making of featurete, TV Spots, trailer, and a new interview with the director himself, John Carpenter, it's a can't must buy. The transfer is terrific, the artwork(see photo at the top) is amazing and the packag…