Hey Slimer, Cut It Out!

​Just thought I’d share this because it’s just amazing…

A few months ago, my dear friend (and TPIF cohost) Derek was nice enough to get my Real Ghostbusters Peter Venkman figure signed by Dave Coulier (who voiced Peter in the cartoon after Lorenzo Music moved on to play Garfield). Dave was a last second addition to the already heavily stacked show. I think he got announced 2 weeks before the show itself. I have almost all of the Real Ghostbusters rerelease figures and the Ecto 1 and just thought it would be fun to get them signed by the voice actors. So that’s one down, 3 to go. Although, I’ve heard Arsenio Hall is gonna be a tough one to get. Hope he does a private signing soon! I should prolly invest in some figure packaging protectors sooner than later, those could come in handy! Especially seeing Frank Welker and Maurice LaMarche doing signings across the country, it shouldn’t be too hard to get the others signed.

Derek was worried that Dave’s autograph was too light. I’m not worried at all, I’m just happy to have it. Besides, paint pen on cheap cardboard doesn’t always come out well. Plus it kinda looks like Slimer just slimed the heck out of it. So it works for me!

Apparently Dave had a great time at the show and everyone who met him had a lot of fun. That’s great to hear. Hopefully Dave does a few more conventions this year. As a TGIF, Nickelodeon, and obviously huge Ghostbusters fanatic, I’d love to get the chance to meet the man behind the laughs!


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