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Fright Rags Souvenir Cups!

​ If you’re like me, you a sucker for promotional tie ins. Cereal boxes, special events, commercials, whatever. They’re all welcomed in my home but one item that we very rarely celebrate are old souvenir/stadium/promotional cups. I’m not talking flimsy, paper or thin plastic either, heck no. I’m talking those big bad sturdy cups that you’d get at the theater it fast food place. As time went on, those have gone away for one reason or the other. But our pals at Fright Rags said “Nah! Time to bring them back!”. And boy did they bring them back in a big way! Check these out! 3 new souvenir cups in all their amazing giant plastic glory!  Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Robocop and Teen Wolf. 3 movies that were certainly worthy of receiving their own vintage promotions but with the exception of Robocop, never got much back in the day. I guess in situations like this, it’s better late than never.  All 3 cups feature set work by Matthew Skiff , one of the most talented artists and coolest huma