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What I've Been Watching Volume 8279 Part 1

So after an adventurous weekend out of town(as detailed in my previous entry), I came home to a big pile of movies that I realized I needed to review. Thankfully, days off like today are perfect for that. And naps. Plenty of naps. Ready to make your wallet hurt? Good! Because there's a lot here you're gonna want(and to be fair, maybe some you don't). Batman vs Superman: A controversial one, for sure. This movie divided a lot of fans. Some liked it, some hated it. Personally, I loved it. In my opinion it was perfect in every way. I know I'm in the minority but I enjoyed every second and honestly consider it the new gold standard for superhero/comic book movies. While I loved the theatrical cut, I must say, it loomed in my mind just what was taken out and being put in the "Ultimate R Rated Edition". Well, I certainly found that out upon receiving my copy. Anyone who didn't like the theatrical cut of this movie, I feel like would prefer the Ult

My Maryland Adventure

So I had a little time off and went down to Maryland this past weekend for a few reasons. The biggest reason was to meet one of my all time favorite wrestlers and one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, The Icon STING!!!! Sting was appearing at the Shane Shamrock Cup event at MCW Pro Wrestling outside Baltimore. The Stinger has been on my "must meets" of wrestlers for a very long time now. In fact, I've had multiple opportunities to meet him, but every time, something popped up. Car issues, money issues, whatever. Well, not today. Saturday July 16th, I was going to make this happen no matter what! Yes, Sting was sitting down for all the photos. I'm 6'6, so that's why it looks rather unusual, size wise. He also wasn't in makeup, but I made up by bringing some props. My friend's WCW US title belt and a bat were perfect props for this photo. Best part is, Sting had no problem posing with them. Sting was a class act, shaking everyones hands, smili

Review: Just Desserts BluRay Review

Creepshow has such an amazing influence on so many peoples. Many have become comic artists, special f/x artists, writers and actors. Most importantly, a lot of people become fans of horror thanks to Creepshow. It's very easy to see why. The horror, the humor, the colors, the special f/x, the amazing cast that pulls you in and a soundtrack that plays so eerily over the film. It's a win-win. It's a perfect movie, and in fact, the reason I'm a horror fan now. If I hadn't seen this in the basement of my babysitter's house at an early age, I probably wouldn't be talking to you. I pretty much owe my entirely livelihood to Creepshow. Now of course with documentaries being the product these days, it's of no surprise that a documentary on Creepshow had to be produced. Of course! The behind the scenes stories of a movie this monumental to so many horror fans has to be documented. Thankfully our wishes were granted. In 2007, Red Shirt Pictures produced

nWo 4 Life

Wow...20 years today... "WELL THE FIRST THING YOU GOTTA REALIZE, BROTHER, IS THIS RIGHT HERE IS THE FUTURE OF WRESTLING. YOU CAN CALL THIS THE NEW WORLD ORDER OF WRESTLING, BROTHER" And with that, wrestling was changed...FOREVER. This week is a very important weeks for wrestling fans. Especially for fans who were watching the very stale and overly cartoony era of pro wrestling of the mid 90s. See, at that time, wrestling was not the fun and risky industry it later became. In fact, aside from production costs skyrocketing, if you watched an episode of WWF or NWA ten years before, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. For both companies, the gimmicks and story lines were so hokey and stupid. The matches, for the most part were boring. You had maybe a handful of people in each company who could put on a really great match but the terrible gimmicks shined too bright. Until Spring 1996, that is. Until heading to WCW, Hall and Nash had been

Essential nWo Merchandise!

Well ya know something, nWo-ites, it's nWo week here on the Horror Movie BBQ. Oh yeah, brother! Hollywood Chad comin' atcha with that black and white attack! In fact, that banner is looking a little old school, man. I think it's time for a new attitude!  That's more like it! Now that we know that this is the place to be for nWo related content, brah, it's time to take over!!! What's that? You want to know what the best and baddest merch to own if you're a true nWo-ite? Well, I got your back! Let's take a trip down nWo memorabilia greatness and see what you should pull those dollar bills out for! Action Figures: Can't meet the bad boys themselves? You can always bring them home for your own collection! Since 1996, multiple figures have been released through various companies, but my favorites may be the ones you see above. In front are Toy Biz's WCW/nWo toy line from 1999, which were practically bigger and more elaborate ver