Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Day 7 of the Holidaze Halloween Challenge: Favorite Halloween Candy

There's a lot of great Halloween candy that I could pick from. I mean, M&M's were always a favorite, nobody DARED to touch my Butterfingers and have mercy on your soul if you even considered reaching for my fun sized Skittles. All good and great choices that are welcome in any trick or treat bag. But for some reason there's only one candy that sums up Halloween to me...


Come on, like this wasn't one of the first things you ate after coming home. It's peanut butter and chocolate! How could you not love it?

As great as the normal peanut butter cups are, nothing beats the Reese's Pumpkins. Something about the peanut butter being creamier and the chocolate meltier makes the holiday variants that much better.  Usually the first Halloween related candy I go for when I head into a store now and even then, I usually buy a bag of these to throw in the freezer.They just taste so good. And they're a perfect lazy day snack too!



  1. I prefer the standard Reese's Peanut Butter Cup over the holiday variants. I like the ridges on the outer edge. They make it look like a crown fit for the king of candy.