Day 13 of The Holidaze Halloween Challenge: Favorite 80s Movie

I've written about plenty of times that Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2 is one of my all time favorite movies of the 80s. And it is. So writing it again would just be rehashing and that's not what I wish to do. So, I thought of another movie from the 80s that I enjoy so much, I'd gladly put it in my top 10 of the 80s! 976-Evil.

To date, this is the only movie directed by Robert Englund, known more for playing Freddy Krueger. It tells the very bizarre story of a young man Spike who discovers a magical hotline that makes nasty things happen. His cousin Hoax discovers the number as well and turns from good natured, bright eyed kid, to evil demon bent on making all those made his life miserable downright hell.
Ok. I know. You've seen this movie. It's boring. I get it. But what exactly did you expect when a witchcraft powered phone was the main plot device? It's going to be silly and hokey. It's a fun movie. But, that's just me. I like gimmicky, silly movies. It also doesn't hurt that this is very clearly a product of it's time. Neon lights, gnarly makeup, the lead bully has a a skunk stripe in his hair, Robert Picardo, stuff like that. I really enjoy it and have since I discovered it sitting lonely on the shelf at a video store one day after school. Much like Tales From the Crypt 1972, it was love at first sight.

Sadly, no bluray exists, but the dvd that we received years ago is still a great release. If you happen to see it while you're scrounging for movies at the local FYE and you see this, pick it up! It's highly suggested!

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