Catching Up With The Holidaze Halloween Challenge!

Hey guys, thanks for staying with me as I attempt to tackle The Holidaze 31 Days of Halloween Challenge! I had a VERY busy weekend this past weekend as I'm in the process of moving so there may be a day or two(or int his case, 3) where I miss.

So by my count, I've got three categories to catch up on, not including today's entry which would be the 12th day. So, I hope you guys don't mind if I quickly skim through the entries I've missed.

DAY 9: Favorite Universal Monster: FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER.

I'm 6'6 and rather clumsy at times. So it goes without saying that I can relate to him.

Bonus point: His wife is hot.

DAY 10: Favorite Horror Art.

Ok, it's hard for to pick one piece of art, so instead, I picked some of my friends who are artists and display their art instead.

Artist: Chris G. of Quiltface Studios

Artist: Charles Moran of Zomic

Artist: Jes Karakashian

Artist: MagnusApollo

Day 11: Favorite Halloween Decoration: ANYTHING PEANUTS!

I guess that goes without saying. Keep in mind this is only THREE of the items I own!

So that kinda catches me up, I'll be revisiting this later today in an entry where I discuss my favorite horror movie from the 1970s!


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