Day 12 of the Holidaze Halloween Challenge: Favorite 1970S Horror

This is no question for me, whatsoever. Hands down, my favorite movie to come from the 1970s is Tales From the Crypt.

I first discovered this around Halloween 2000. SciFi had begun reairing Tales From the Crypt and through the power of loitering in a video store, I happened upon this tape one Friday night. Now, as much as I loved the TV series, I never knew about the Amicus anthology film. But after one viewing that fateful night, I was hooked. This was an instant favorite and one I had to own. Problem was at that time, the only way to get it would be Sam Goody or copy it. And uh...well, sorry to say, I didn't make the trip to Sam Goody...

It took years upon years for this movie to be released on DVD and when it did, all we got was a cheap double feature that included the sequel, Vault of Horror(edited for that matter), which is good, but it's no Tales. I was happy to see it and own it on dvd after all those years. Thankfully in 2014, we got an upgrade in the form of a Scream Factory double feature release. No features, but still looks great.

Sir Ralph Richardson played a no nonsense Crypt Keeper to a T!

The acting and cast of great names including Joan Collins, horror icon Peter Cushing, and the late great Sir Ralph Richardson playing a great and ominous Crypt Keeper kept the casual horror fan and mainstream viewer interested. The story telling in this 5 story anthology truly make it a bonafide classic. And most segments, if not all, went on to be remade for the 1989 tv show as well with their own spin put on. My favorite segment of this movie? It;s a tough one, but I gotta say the final segment "Blind Alleys" in which a stingy general takes control of a home for the blind. I won't spoil it, but I will say it's definitely a classic EC Comics ending in which the villain gets what's coming to him...

Years ago, I actually wrote to HorrorHound magazine after they published a story on PG horror. I was rather vocal about them not including Tales From the Crypt, which would surprise people as to being PG. Not a lot of blood or cursing, the horror is just so refined they didn't need any of that!

In my mind, there's very few perfect movies, and even fewer perfect horror movies. But this would be at the top of my list if I was to list them. If you've never seen it, I urge you to go out and buy it. It'll be a perfect addition to your collection.


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