TPIF: Thank(sgiving) Pod It's Funny! featuring guest Mike Westfall!

 Turkey Time is chugging along here and in order to properly capture the feel of the holiday (or at least as it was in 1991) I needed to enlist the help of my TPIF co-hosts and for the very first time in the TPIF history, a GUEST! Yes, we found someone who loves tv just as much as we do and someone who can tolerate the three of us for more than 10 minutes, why it's none other than the great podcast extraordinaire and host of the Advent Calendar House , Mike Wesftall!

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the "legendary" Thanksgiving episode and all the hijinks that comes with it! So check out today's episode where we barely stay on topic as usual! Come in, pull up a chair,. grab a plate of pumpkin pie and enjoy our audio feast!

You can check the episode out here!

Also, check us out on iTunes!

And don't forget to check out Advent Calendar House

-Derek, TC, Chad and Mike Westfall

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