Making The Great Slimer Sundae

(Ok I know this isn’t Thanksgiving related but it is food and Ghostbusters related so I’m counting it!) 

I’ve talked on length about the memorable Ghostbusters 2-Hardee’s promotion a time or two rightfully so! It was AMAZING! If you were around for it, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. But if you weren’t, which a lot of people weren’t due to Hardee’s not being available everywhere, my deepest condolences. It won’t make you feel any better but here’s a commercial hyping it up:

Aside from having fun kids meal toys, promo cups and a really cool commercial, the one things fans remember is of course the infamous Slimer Sundae which was nothing more than vanilla ice cream coated in GREEN bubblegum syrup. Read that again: GREEN. BUBBLEGUM. SYRUP. Wild stuff there for sure and it’s very clear why it’s talked about so much to this day. The problem is more people have seen the advertisements and posters of it than have actually had it, which leads more questions about it than answers about the presentation, packaging, and whatever else may cause fans to go crazy over.

                   Credit: Ghostbusters News

On my side, I can honestly say I don’t *remember* having this when my dad I stopped in for a burger that month but knowing my dad’s love of Hardee’s and sweets, I’m almost certain we shared one together. However and very unfortunately, the only other one other person who would know for sure is no longer with us so I guess I’ll never have concrete answers to this mystery.

These are the problems you want to have by the way…

So in honor of Ghostbusters: Afterlife being released today, I decided I was gonna do something regarding this very trivial nonsense and actually attempt to make a Slimer Sundae myself!  Almost. You see, finding bubblegum syrup in my area wasn’t exactly the easiest task and I’m way too lazy to press “order” on Amazon so I’m kinda stuck. Thankfully (?), I found green mint syrup at the local grocery store and decided if I can’t have actual green bubblegum syrup, screw it, I’ll make a minty Slimer Sundae. And being a mint fan? Well I’d say this works out well.

Thar she blows. Of course, Stay Puft offering his best guidance and supervision which will be very helpful I’m sure considering what a disaster I can cause in the kitchen. I got stories. No way anyone would ever mistake me for The Homicidal Homemaker that’s for sure!

The trick with this syrup, as directed on the back of the label itself, is apparently to mix it with other ingredients and it’ll come out looking quite exquisite. Almost to a Viennetta level of class! So off to the oven with some extra ingredients and soon we shall be indulging in a new Slimer Sundae!

Ok, not gonna lie, as much as I love mint, this kinda smells like death which who knows, maybe after this ordeal, I’ll need a real Ghostbuster!

Ahh but it looks nice. Almost like a boiled Slimer. Which…well now that I think of it, wouldn’t be nice for anyone at all.

Ok, now we’re ready. Time to let it cool a second but as you can see in the reflection, Stay Puft is ready for delicious minty action.

Well, ok, I didn’t let it cool long enough. My bad. Surely this won’t ruin the experience or the integrity of my presentation.

Welp. I guess that’s as good as it’s gonna get. To be expected when it comes to me making anything to be honest. Don’t let the producers of Nailed It see this. Still, I’m not gonna let this opportunity slip by me. I’m no fool. Only a Luis Tully would let this stop them.

Pretty good stuff! I feel mint and vanilla would naturally go together well already so maybe this wasn’t too much a stretch of the imagination. I feel like this would be something I’d prolly make when I need an alternate dessert plan. My wife doesn’t like mint, so I wouldn’t have to share. I guess my biggest folly is expecting the syrup to be as thick and fancy looking as real chocolate or caramel syrup or even how the old commercials made it look. Side note: remember those fun Nestle Quik commercials featuring a rabbit addicted to chocolate syrup? Yeah those were rad, dude, how would I not love them?

In all seriousness, despite it not looking as photogenic as a fast food sundae would look, Im awfully happy with this and would suggest you all picking a jar of mint syrup and giving it a try. After all, if I can make something this tasty, anyone can. Even Janosz. And he screws everything up!

To everyone going to see Afterlife tonight, have a great time, enjoy and let’s keep the legacy of the Ghostbusters alive!!!


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