Turkey Time Finale: Parade Floats I Need To See!

Today’s the big day!! Thanksgiving is here and I am very excited to enjoy the day as I hope you are as well. It’s been fun here on the blog and over at Twitter interacting and chatting about this very fun holiday but there’s one last thing I wanted to save for today. You guys know how much I love the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and everything involved but I got to thinking…what kinda floats could we have gotten that never happened? So thanks to the power of my awful, primitive photoshop skills and a little imagination, I present to you 4 Parade Floats I Wish We Had!

My Pet Monster:

This is an easy one. We’ve seen a lot of kid friendly properties represented in the Parade through the years and in my opinion, a giant My Pet Monster float would’ve been a perfect choice. Big, bright, colorful and lovable! I think we all would’ve been talking about this one for years. It’s not like it wouldn’t have been possible as costumes were created for in store appearances, so you can use your imagination to see Monzie dancing around and goofing off while someone like Fred Travalena would sing a super cheesy rendition of “Monster Mash!” HOW YA DOIN MONSTER HOW YA DOIN!

The Real Ghostbusters:

I’d prolly put this one around 1989? Maybe post Ghostbusters 2. At that point, Real Ghostbusters was still hot and could do no wrong. Seeing a life size Kenner Ecto 1 while cartoony representations of The Ghostbusters would’ve been great. Waving to the crowd, maybe throwing out little containers of EctoPlazm? That most certainly would’ve been a memorable float and event for Ghostbusters fans and Parade spectators!


The WWF has been present for the parade twice, in 1994 and 2001! Now they were great, don’t get me wrong, but the idea of maybe a few members of the roster lipsynching “If You Only Knew” from The Wrestling Album, maybe King Kong Bundy yelling and screaming at kids while Hulk Hogan pretends to play the bass would’ve been a sight to see! The mid 80s roster was definitely made for this sort of extravagant event and I guarantee you Vince McMahon would’ve been crapping his pants with excitement over the possibilities! That’s good stuff, pal!

New York Ninja:

For those out of the loop, Vinegar Syndrome made this unfinished movie from director John Liu into 2021’s most surprising sleeper hit, newest cult classic and in my opinion, the bluray release of the year! Well, what better way to celebrate its release this year than with a giant float featuring its main star shadow boxing, RatTail (yes a real character and the true star!) eating his rattail and some “fans” throwing out the memorable “I LOVE NY NINJA” shirts on the sides of the street! I’ll make the drive down to NYC right now just to be apart of that!

Ok, as I said, my photoshop skills aren’t very good, which is why I’ve always relied on other, more talented people to do my logos and other stuff for this blog. I ain’t Matthew Skiff, that’s for darn sure. The fact of the matter is, I always enjoy thinking “What If?”. We all do it with movies, sports, wrestling, tv shows, everything and I don’t see why the Parade should be left out! 

In all seriousness, thank you for joining for Turkey Time 2021. I’ve been hoping to do more blogging because I love it and obviously 2020 screwed everyone up. But I was determined to make 2021 work, dust myself off, get back up and get back to being creative by doing more of what I truly love. I know I can be very outrageous and…very out there at times…but this blog means a lot to me. And for you to take the time to read this, listen to any podcasts, interact and share your memories of Thanksgiving, TGIF, WWF, whatever…well…it means a LOT to me and I don’t care how cheesy or corny it’s sounds but I’m thankful for YOUR support and love  through the years but especially even this year. It’s been hard to rebuild and stay disciplined but I think it’s paid off. I never said I was a good writer, just an honest and enthusiastic one that aims to make others smile in real life and online. So…Thank you.

I’ll be back for more writing in the next few weeks. Christmas is almost here and I gotta lot to do in regards of writing! 

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. 

-Your pal, Chad

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