The 2021 DinoDrac Thanksgiving Funpack

Just 48 hours away from the big day and I don’t think I need to tell you just how wildly excited I am! Thankfully finding a way to stay occupied and keeping my eyes on the stuffing filled prize has been fairly easy, as you can tell by the level of enthusiasm here on the blog and thanks to what I received in the mail, it’s gonna get to even higher level of excitement! Say hello to The DinosaurDracula November 2021 Funpack!!!

Overwhelmingly filled with treasures that would bring out the Thanksgiving joy in anyone! I love these funpacks, I really think Matt pours his heart into them every single month and really tries to make them count. This one was no different. 

And with the help of my very bossy and always curious assistant, Geoffrey Jellineck who never lets me get work done or even let’s me take a bite of a taco without racing over to investigate, it’s time to dive in and witness the fun together!

Snacks! Delicious, fun, festive snacks! Inspired by the wild and crazy meal in A Charlie Brown 

Thanksgiving, this pouch contains all the representatives of the infamous meal the Peanuts Gang had on that very memorable day in November!

Jelly beans, an Ice cream flavored Chupa Chups, Popcorn, a Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal bar and pretzel sticks. Now confession, I know I was supposed to use these to make my own meal but I just couldn’t help myself and decided to eat the Pretzels, cereal and being a jelly bean fanatic, my wife claimed the Jelly Belly packet. I think Linus would’ve wanted it that way…

Next up, some fun trading cards which are always included in every funpack. This month was Power Rangers and Casper, two things I loved in the summer of 1995! And considering I can never leave well enough alone and HAVE to open every pack of cards I own, I had to see what treasure were wrapped up here. 

Ok mainly a few duds, but that’s the trading card game for you. What I wasn’t expecting was THIS! A Frankenstein card and a Squatt and Ticklesneezer pog. Now the pog itself is fantastic, but that episode featuring an unstable Frankenstein that throws people across a room is amazing and I suggest you seek it out. It’s even more insane to see what he turns into during that final battle. TRUST. ME. It’s legit one of the most insane Power Ranger episodes to ever exist and that’s saying a LOT!

It’s truly not thanksgiving without some of my favorite seasonal drink, Cranberry Ginger Ale, and thanks to these cute little powder packets which I can keep in my pockets or my car, I can have it whenever I want! I feel like I should get one of those weird Rob Liefeld bandoliers with a thousand pouches and pockets so I can hold these. You never know when you’ll need them! Oh and sugar free! 


Seeing as Snoopy is the biggest pop culture representation of all 3 major holidays for so many people, it’s a perfect addition to include a Snoopy plush in this funpack. Usually given away by MetLife at promotional events as Snoopy would appear in MetLife commercials back in the 80s/90s and even 2000s, which were all very fun to watch as a diehard Joe Cool mark. I’m kinda loving Snoopy’s campmaster outfit. He looks ready to take his pal Woodstock on a camping trip! 

As always, a newsletter and a list of contents as included in every pack! Of course, you’ll have to buy one to read the fun of this newsletter. Sorry! No spoilers on that one!

In my opinion the “big item” of this month’s funpack was this. A DinoDrac advent calendar! Remember those awesome 7-Up posters you could where you put little cotton balls on Santa’s beard? Well, for the past couple of years, it seems Matt has taken that beloved concept and made it into his own new tradition. With great artwork, this will definitely be a piece to hang in your cubicle, office or fridge! This time of year, we all get that warm nostalgic, childlike feel and this helps ignite that while providing something new yet familiar! Come on, December 1! Get here quick so I can start!

Ok so to round out this review I have to share this. Included every month is a mini poster featuring and two specialized sticker, usually a DD logo and a sticker featuring something pertaining to the season. Well this months mini poster featured some great throwback commercial screencaps, a very winter-y DinoDrac robot, and imo the greatest sticker to ever exist:


Welp, when I saw th8: I knew I had to buy this pack. Fred playing the Joker at the 1989 Macy’s Parade has kinda become my unofficial mascot for the Thanksgiving content here on the blog and even over on Twitter mainly because it represents everything I love about the parade: silly, cheesy, awful with a dash of holiday fun. So this sticker will gladly be placed on my Holiday shelf for sure so when I’m in need of a good Thanksgiving pick me up I can look over at him and hear him say HOW YA DOIN BATMAN HOW YA DOIN!

A great funpack to get energized for the big day this Thursday! Keep an eye open for Matt’s next funpack which will prolly drop in the next few weeks. I wonder what Christmas themed goodies will be available!

Oh and for those interested, Geoffrey gave it 10 nose boops out of 10. He was rewarded for his work with a banana


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