Student Bodies Review

For a while, I've always been told that if I really wanted a fun, tongue in cheek horror movie parody, to forgo the Scary Movie series and pick up Student Bodies. Well, after years and years of putting it off, Olive Films hooked me up with that opportunity.

And boy am I happy they did.

First off, this was at a time when slashers were in their so called "golden age", after Halloween, Prom Night, Friday the 13th, and whatever other slashers we got, so it's fun to see how Hollywood perceived some of the slasher of the day. Which, considering how popular and cash-cows they were,

Second, every cliche of slashers are tackled in this movie. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. From the "Body Count-er" in which the body count number appears on the screen itself(my personal favorite gag), to the ditzy and sometimes stupid characters we've come to see in every single slasher film at the time(and since, really). Oh, and worry not, the creepy and pervy Janitor IS in this one...

Third, the acting. Ok, you're not expecting a lot in a parody, but believe it or not, the actors in this one make you believe they actually are auditioning for a real slasher. It's a pretty fun cast, no one who's gone on to anything much bigger, but hey, they at least put out their best effort and get good laughs in exchange for their efforts.

Fourth, the one liners. In a movie like this, you'd expect great lines. Well, good news, skippy, you get them. Here's one of my favorites:

"Why do they always run away from me? It's the galoshes. They're a dead giveaway. Why do I wear them? It isn't even raining!"

Silly, yes, but the movie has even goofier and funnier one liners that you'll enjoy.

This movie gets a solid recommendation from me. Chances are if you're a slasher fan, a parody movie buff or a fan of any 80s throwback, you've seen it. In that instance, I'm envious you've seen it before I did! If you haven't, this is a great chance for you to see a great parody movie. Toss out those Scary Movie dvds and pick up a bluray of Student Bodies from Olive Films here.


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