The Babysitter Review

Remember back in the 90s when you could make a movie about some young teenager obsessed with their neighbor or teacher or mom's sister or something weird like that? We had a lot of those movies. And they're pretty awkward(in a funny way) to watch now. The Paperboy, being my favorite, of course, then you have Devil In The Flesh with Rose McGowan and a few others that are downright terrible. But today, I'm gonna give you the 411 on 1995's The Babysitter.

Starring Alicia Silverstone, hot off Clueless, as Jennifer a local teenage babysitter, hired by the Harry and Dolly Tucker for a night while they attend some fancy, rich person shindig. Now, this is where it starts getting weird because, Harry, played by JT Walsh, spends a lot of time fantasizing about Jennifer. A lot. Like, someone needs to check his computer for this behavior, because it's pretty unnatural and quite creepy. Well, that's hardly the worse problem(well, maybe not) with this family, because Dolly herself, played by Lee Garlington, finds herself attracted to a much older gentleman, Bill, played by George Segal, and constantly hits on him.

Essentially, most of the men in this movie are drunk and horny and fantasize about Jennifer. And, um, that's essentially the whole movie. Drunken horniness, a London Brother, Lois Chiles is there, Tuesday Knight in a small role, some goofy drunkeness, a terrible fight scene, and other hallmark Lifetime Movie-like behavior.

Now, for someone like me who loves terrible Lifetime movies, this is a very welcome addition to my collection next to the previously mentioned Devil In The Flesh and Paperboy(which would make great bluray releases from Olive). I'm sure there's others out there who like a good, over the top melodramatic movie like this. If you're one of them, stop over at Olive to pick this up, right here.


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