The Sender(1982) Review

I have a tendency to review movies I've never heard of or seen before. Mainly because, when I review them, I really want to go into them with an open mind. If I haven't seen it before, what better way to have an open mind? The Sender is a good example of one of those movies. Until I received a PR list featuring the Sender, I had never EVER heard of it. So I took a gamble and placed the order. Glad I did too, because this movie is a VERY interesting.

It starts off haunting off with a young man(later to be known as John Doe #83, played very well by Zeljko Ivanek), assumed to be dead, in the middle of nowhere. When he gets up and starts walking around though, is when things really get haunting. Admitted after a failed suicide attempt, it turns out John believes his dreams are the root of all his problems. After being assigned treatment by Dr. Gail Farmer, played by Kathryn Harrold, who starts to believe him after she starts experiencing a few strange visions herself. While at this point, this movie is already a giant roller coaster of insanity, add John Doe's mother to the mix and things start to get stranger...

If you've never heard of this one, I can't tell you to go out and buy it enough. It's like a David Cronenberg movie with a semi-Italian twist. For the horror fan, there's a lot to love including a memorable decapitation, an almost Carrie-like moment featuring the doctor and my favorite, a crazy scene involving brain surgery. This movie also has the distinction of being Quentin Tarantino's favorite horror film of 1982, and quite frankly, after watching it for the first time, I can totally see why.

So pick this up, landing on bluray for the first time ever, from our friends at Olive Films, here. It'll definitely be a good choice to add to your collection.


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