Monster Mania Recap: Awesome Scores!!!

I was originally going to do a huge writeup of the epic adventures at Monster Mania this past weekend in the beautiful Cherry Hill, NJ. It was definitely a great time had by all, but in order to truly break down the show and do it justice, I have to do over a few entries. It was a blast seeing old friends and meeting new ones as well as the great celebrities I met. But those will be chronicled in my next entry. Today, I'll be covering my pick ups during my multiple trips throughout the vendors room.

Ahh...the vendors room. Yes! The place to make a pauper feel like a king. One mans Real Ghostbuster Winston is another mans prized possession. The vendor room has a great mixture of handmade goods, action figures of the past and present, custom shirts, movies and more. It's probably the only part of Monster Mania as a convention that has drawing power. Well, other than guests. Although, I'd rather peruse the vendors than drop 100 bucks on a guest. And boy, did I walk away with some good stuff. Instead of hyping it up, I'll just dive in to the goods:


Ok, after Christmas, the last thing I need is more movies. But I couldn't help myself. Some movies from VHSPS including Open House, Silent Night Deadly Night 5, The Spookies, and the legendary bmx classic Rad! From filmmaker(and big supporter of this very blog) Rob Dimension comes his movie Rabbit Hole and Baggage. Hostel, American Psycho and the Divimax edition of Day of the Dead came from a random dealer. All in all, this lot came off pretty sizable and respectable. I always have to put some money aside for VHSPS at shows but the rest of the haul was a nice surprise. If only I can find a way to take a day off of work...

Hello Mary Lou Prom Night 2 cardboard standup!!!

 Courtesy of the awesome brain behind Knee High Horror, maker of great horror characters and posters that come alive! This great 12 inch replica of the movie poster mounted on foam is a beautiful addition to my horror shelf and overall decor. It stands out pretty well and gives me to have Mary Lou in my living room. So that's a plus!!!!

Love bunnies from Little Punk People!!!

Daniela and Justin at Little Punk People do some amazing art including portraits done of my girlfriend and I that hangs in our hallway. And of course, being bunny lovers, I knew my lady and I had to have these. The last two left too! The pink bunny represent our little girl Penelope and the blue-ish fella represents our boy Charlie. Even if you're not a bunny lover, there's no way you'd pass these up!!!


Given to me by my buddy Travis, this classic childhood special has been meant to land on my shelf for years. Thankfully, Travis hooked me up with a spare copy he had floating around and saved me a good 20 dollars on ebay. I remember watching this as a kid and being very entertained. Seeing it as an adult, it's extremely entertaining for the wrong reasons. A bunch of animated cartoon characters ganging up on a kid to stop him from doing drugs? Oh yes. Must own. Expect an entry later down the road on this, because it's just absolutely mindblowing how ridiculous this really is.


Yes, I totally had to use green in that title. This was huge. For some reason as a teenager when it debuted, I just wasn't blown away. Maybe it's because it didn't come with a kick from Bill Goldberg as promised in those old commercials. That and I'm super loyal to Mello Yello. But, considering their from the same company, I decided to take my friend Chris' offer on having a can from his massive collection that he brought with him. So, needing something tasty and cold on Friday, I decided to give it a shot. And you know what? I think I like the taste MORE than Mello Yello. It's been over 15 years since I last had a can and I was more blown away now than I was back then. So three cans later, I knew I had become a loyal member of the Surge Movement. Now to get some cases...

So, there you have it. The vendors room and a few friends helped make this show successful on a purchase and gift level. I'm very happy with the things I brought back. But, the moments I shared with friends will be even more memorable. But I'll save that for next time!


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