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Finding Eric Freeman: A Horror Movie BBQ Exclusive

Since March, I've been holding onto information that most people have wanted to know. And it's been very difficult for me to share it for a variety of reasons. But, finally, I'm presenting the second and final part of "Finding Freeman".

Back in May, I wrote an entry called "Finding Freeman: Found?" where I teased that maybe, just maybe, supposedly lost actor of the famed Silent Night Deadly Night 2, Eric Freeman had been found. It's been a good 7 months since that article and quite frankly there's a few things that need to be revealed:

First. In early march, I received an email out of the blue from someone claiming to be Eric Freeman. Now, I was skeptical at first. Anyone can pull this "I'm a famous person" on the internet these days and it can lead to problems. But I was intrigued. And quite frankly, I've spent a lot of time and effort on this so I took a risk to find out if it was him. Here's the email I received:


NECA 8-Bit Freddy

This 8-Bit Horror trend we've been seeing lately is pretty astonishing to me. This year we've seen a resurgence in the Friday the 13th video game all thanks to NECA releasing a San Diego Comic Con exclusive figure in a variation of his appearance in the classic NES game. And it paved way for many to reminisce about how awful the game was(including me, who spent more time than I care to admit playing it.) and eventually lead to people dressing as the NES Jason at conventions and even cooler, artist Chris Ott of London 1888 studios is releasing an AWESOME t-shirt showcasing great art of NES Jason.  If you're a Jason fan, it's pretty cool to see this happening. If you're a old school gaming fan, like myself, it's pretty cool too. And while this has lead to a pretty warm reception due to it's uniqueness(as well as being a figure we've never EVER seen done before!) it's starting to spread into other franchises. Shortly after Jason was made available, NEC…

Revisiting Pepsi/Dorito's Monster Love

I seriously love Halloween promotions that junk food companies put out every year. It's fun to see the special trimmings and extra effort that get added once a year in order to make some extra cash. Halloween Oreo's are a perfect example of great ideas. I mean, just a simple orange creme and scary designs on the cookies? Awesome! While most of them revisit these themes in the future, I find the one-time only promotions to be the most memorable. And while I'll never turn down a few dozen boxes of Count Chocula, I can't help but look at certain things more fondly. Maybe because they are only a one time deal only to be never seen again. I don't feel like analyzing it, I just feel like celebrating it. And celebrate we shall in tonight's entry. I wish to spotlight the beauty that was Pepsi and Dorito's "Monster Match"!!!!

Starting (approximately) around Halloween 1991, Pepsi and their longtime partner in crime, Doritos began a promotion using our favo…

Cheetos Halloween Bucket

The Halloween season has officially kicked off. Stores have already begun stocking their shelves with all kinds of orange and black coated goodies for the next two months. Of course the big news is the return of Yummy Mummy and Frute Brute to join their compadres of the Monster Cereals and it's kinda hard to beat that. Especially with the Target exclusive Flashback Packaging(replicating their original packing from the 70s) hitting stores and sending fans into a tizzy trying to complete a set of 5.

But I stopped into Target today to look for them and came up short. My heart was broken, but my spirit was not broken. Especially when I turned the corner and saw the beautiful sight of the Halloween section slowly being constructed. Now there wasn't a lot of stuff out. It's in it's infancy stage of construction. The candy is out as is the cake and cookie decorating stuff. I perused the selection and picked up a few items that caught my eye.
The Halloween edition of the Regul…

Sylvester Stallone Wants to Meet You...For $850!!

News is surfacing that Hollywood icon Sylvester Stallone will make a very big appearance at this coming New York Comic Con  in October. Pretty big announcement to be assured. Sly will always be a huge star and will always draw an audience no matter what he does. Until the day he dies, he will always be Rambo...and Rocky...and Judge Dredd...and the guy from the Expendables...and the guy from Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot!

Now, you can have the exclusive, once in a lifetime experience of meeting the legend himself in a very intimate setting. Sure it may be 30 seconds, but it's a chance that you'll never get again. There's a catch though. Before you start thinking you can meet Sly by just entering the convention center, stop right there. Yes, you can meet him. But only if you have a good $850 in your pocket.

Yep. $850.

You see, Sly is being brought in by an autograph company called "Celebrity Authentics" who specialize in obtaining the signatures huge Hollywood names t…

Celebrating 10 Years of Freddy Vs. Jason!

August 15 2003.

The world of horror changed forever. It was on this very day, a monumental film changed everyone's perception of what could be accomplished in film, no matter the hurdles and the production woes that a movie can experience in it's journey. A movie that essentially went through rewrite through rewrite, director after director, actor after actor, in all respects, this movie shouldn't have seen the light of day. And while I'm sure there are those who feel it shouldn't have seen the light of day, I feel that it's one of the most entertaining, action packed and overall fun horror movies in history. Today I pay tribute to...FREDDY VS. JASON.

This movie may be one of the most anticipated yet debated movies in history. For years, fans had been clamoring for a lethal showdown between the titans of slashers. And boy, since the mid 80s to even the early 2000s, rumors and stories would start swirling through many news sources, websites, and forums. It becam…

NECA 8-Bit Jason

NECA's really been pleasing horror fans lately. Last year at SDCC they released that awesome Super freddy from Elm Street 5 and this year we got the beautiful 8-Bit Jason. Add it to the amazing Predator, Aliens, Gremlins and about everything else they've been releasing and NECA may be the best at producing movie related figures today. What McFarlane Toys started in 1998 with Movie Maniacs has been amplified to the max by NECA with their amazing offerings.

Ok, ok, ok, I know. I know what you're thinking. I'm rather late to the whole "I got a NECA NES JASON FIGURE!!! WHAAAAT!" party. But, I've read the reviews. I've heard all the hubub. I've seen the fireworks going off and I can see why. it's a pretty amazing figure. But, if you ask me, the hype comes more from the eye-grabbing NES mock up packaging than anything. Still, it's a nice figure. and I've been waiting to review it since I saw it. So let's dive in!

Much like the New World …

Flea Market Adventures: July 20-21 2013 Edition

It was a very long and tiring week. Plain and simple. Working outside all day in the 90 degree weather takes a lot out of you. And this past weekend, I had just planned on just laying in bed and doing next to nothing aside from watching Saved By The Bell and eating ice cream. I don't know how to explain it, but falling into an ice cream coma while the Buddy Bands episode plays is a feeling that you simply can't miss. Well, it didn't really work out that way. Apparently plans for shaking my head at Screech's awful shenanigans had to be saved for another time. Which kinda sucks, but if I knew what was ahead of me, I wouldn't have complained.  I was up by 8 and something was telling me to go to the flea market up in Buffalo (a good hour and a half drive). I couldn't shake this feeling and something was pulling me away from my bed, so I decided to go with it. I filled up my Ninja Turtles water bottle and hit the road shortly after.

An hour and a half later, I was h…