Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sylvester Stallone Wants to Meet You...For $850!!

News is surfacing that Hollywood icon Sylvester Stallone will make a very big appearance at this coming New York Comic Con  in October. Pretty big announcement to be assured. Sly will always be a huge star and will always draw an audience no matter what he does. Until the day he dies, he will always be Rambo...and Rocky...and Judge Dredd...and the guy from the Expendables...and the guy from Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot!

Now, you can have the exclusive, once in a lifetime experience of meeting the legend himself in a very intimate setting. Sure it may be 30 seconds, but it's a chance that you'll never get again. There's a catch though. Before you start thinking you can meet Sly by just entering the convention center, stop right there. Yes, you can meet him. But only if you have a good $850 in your pocket.

Yep. $850.

You see, Sly is being brought in by an autograph company called "Celebrity Authentics" who specialize in obtaining the signatures huge Hollywood names that you wouldn't be able to meet or obtain any other way. They're a very reputable company that represents the celebrities you'd never be able to meet at a convention or even dream of. Just to name a few of their clients like Michael Keaton, Christian Bale, Burt Reynolds, and obviously now, Sly. And while they're very reputable and very successful at what they do, asking fans who attend NYCC for $450 for a photo op with Sly and $395 for an autograph from the man is downright ridiculous. And considering things are taking a weird turn in horror conventions with Christopher Lloyd and Carrie Fisher charging $60 for a signature and no photo op, this is a bad sign of things to come.

Gimme yer money!

A lot of people who attend these shows usually save their money for these weekends far in advance. And let's face it, $850 is a lot to pay for anything that's not absolutely necessary and vital in your everyday life. And yes, it is a once in a lifetime chance to meet on of your heroes, but is it really worth it? Sly is at best a marginal actor that got lucky at a time when big, hulky, action stars were what was hip. Now, he's not. He'll always be a huge star, but he's nowhere near worth $850 to meet.

Agents and handlers at conventions are the problem, not really the stars themselves. But then again, the problem is also people paying these exorbitant fees. If you keep paying, stars will keep hiking the prices up to the point no one will be happy, and you'll be lucky if you get a handshake. Where does this trend end? Hmm? How can we stop it? Eventually Ari Lehman will see it appropriate to start charging 50 dollars for him to look in your direction.

The way things are going, conventions are going down a deadly route. I've heard more stories of people passing on the stars they were excited to meet due to the rising prices and just hanging out. But, how can shows continue if people are just paying to hang out in the lobby? Promoters need to be taken to task on this behavior and to be called out. And a lot of promoters get defensive because they know what they're doing is wrong and they're essentially screwing the loyal customers. And then they use the excuse "oh, well, we have no say over what a celebrity charges or if they refuse to take photos". This is downright silly. Promoters are essentially a principal and at the end of the day IT'S THEIR SHOW.

But, let's allow this behavior to continue and we won't have horror conventions anymore. And quite frankly, there are a couple of agents and handlers that understand fans concerns and have decided to keep the prices low and include a free photo. But, for every Terry Kiser charging a relatively low price, there's a Carrie Fisher, who seems to jack her price up every show. Companies like Full Empire Promotions and CandV Promotions are just two examples of fan agents that get big names and keep their business booming by their fair prices.

In the convention world, money talks. But maybe it's time to change things up, otherwise, it'll get worst.  And thanks to Sylvester Stallone and Celebrity Authentics, I can't see this trend ending.

And before anyone asks, I highly doubt he'll be dressed like Judge Dredd...



  1. I remember the early days of Fango's Weekend of horrors cons when nobody had even heard of charging for autographs or photo ops. Fans were there to meet their heroes and celebrities were lucky to have fans there who wanted to meet them. It was a win-win situation. Now things have gotten out of control as no name "D" list actors are now charging $20-40 bucks for a picture to be autographed and a photo op - absolutely ridiculous! I will NEVER pay anyone for their autograph with the exception of maybe Christopher Lee and that's never going to happen. Fans are in charge here...stop paying and the celebrities will stop charging. We need to take back our horror conventions so regular people can afford to meet their heroes again!

  2. Dude, meeting Felissa Rose at my second MMCON cost me ten bucks, and that's only because I reminded her that I didn't pay after we chatted it up. That should be the base price; twenty bucks, especially for "d-listers" is too god damned much. It's no longer about meeting fans anymore; its about fleecing us.

    Still, I've spent $60 to meet Kane Hodder over the years; worth it everytime!

  3. Ahhh...the days of meeting a celeb for 10 bucks and a free photo. Those were the days. I can recall meeting Adam West and paying 25 for him and getting a photo with him for free at my first show! I agree, it would be nice to have those days come back.

    $60 for Kane? What show was that at?

    Thankfully, 25 seems to be the new base price and there are people who still enforce that. I think of most Elm Street and F13th guests when I think of that rule. At the same time, I believe there are guests that have no right to charge anything. I guess now the new trend is "I was a zombie on Walking Dead".

    It amazes me the level of celebrity most people think they are. They put their pants on one leg at a time just like us.

    1. Just to clarify, I paid $20 the four times I've met Kane. Once he gave me a freebie because I hooked him up with some bad ass Zornow art.

  4. Frankly, any price at all is ridiculous. People even accepting that as OK are a problem as well. Apparently, the thought that a famous person would simply be genuinely excited to meet their fans without money even crossing their minds is too ludicrous of a concept for people believe.

  5. That's a great point as well. I understand how most people looking at even paying 20 for an autograph is downright silly. Although, if you think of it, sports memorabilia shows that has no problem charging 3 figures for an autograph. Last I checked, Michael Jordan charged almost 1000 aty a private signing.

    Paying for autographs are silly, but paying for photos is sillier.

    Great point though.