NECA 8-Bit Jason

NECA's really been pleasing horror fans lately. Last year at SDCC they released that awesome Super freddy from Elm Street 5 and this year we got the beautiful 8-Bit Jason. Add it to the amazing Predator, Aliens, Gremlins and about everything else they've been releasing and NECA may be the best at producing movie related figures today. What McFarlane Toys started in 1998 with Movie Maniacs has been amplified to the max by NECA with their amazing offerings.

Ok, ok, ok, I know. I know what you're thinking. I'm rather late to the whole "I got a NECA NES JASON FIGURE!!! WHAAAAT!" party. But, I've read the reviews. I've heard all the hubub. I've seen the fireworks going off and I can see why. it's a pretty amazing figure. But, if you ask me, the hype comes more from the eye-grabbing NES mock up packaging than anything. Still, it's a nice figure. and I've been waiting to review it since I saw it. So let's dive in!


Much like the New World Order in 1997, this packaging is just too sweet. NECA went all out. Replicating not just the box of the NES game, but even certain aspects of the game itself. Perhaps the most clever part was the NECA logo in the style of the old Nintendo Seal of Quality. Bonus points for that. The box art looks so fantastic and is a true eye catcher. With the exception of the SDCC logo, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between this and the original NES packaging.

The inner packaging is the true seller. Opening up and finding Jason standing there and waiting for you to enter brings back bad memories of playing the game and, even though you thought you've won, Jason was waiting and you knew you were through for the day. I find the backdrop of the inner carton a perfect setting for Jason to be standing around and waiting to be admired in his awesome box. On the opposite side, the grim reminder of finding Jason in that cabin. "YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS ARE DEAD". Gets right to the point. Fan of the movie series or not, we've all played the game and we've all seen that flash before our eyes. No matter the confidence you had walking into this game, eventually your guard came down and that's when Jason showed up. It couldn't have been avoided. He's too powerful and your not ready.  Between him and Mike Tyson at the end of Punch Out!, it's no wonder I was constantly stressed out as a kid. Still, despite bad memories of cursing out this game, the packaging is no doubt a 10/10. No arguments.

My biggest and only complaint would be that the figure has been fastened in his plastic coffin using those annoying twisty ties. As an action figure collector who opens the packaging(unless it was purchased to be autographed or just super cool looking) there's nothing I hate more than figures being tied to the plastic trays. It's just downright annoying and a lot of frustration. I understand WHY they're used but that doesn't mean I have to like it. Suck.

The figure has finally been released out of his plastic tray and boy oh boy, is it a beauty. I've never had any Jason figures before, but I've always wanted one for the horror collection. Now, I know about as much about Jason's continuity as I do quantum physics, but I do know that he's had some cool looking figures. But this may be the coolest. The original, outlandish paintjob to match his appearance in the game stands out in a great way. The blue onesie he wears and the glow in the dark hockey mask, hands and feet are all quite the outstanding gimmick. Even more fun, his ax and machete are glow in the dark as well. I find it funny his crotch piece looks more like a giant floppy diaper, which I'm assuming has more to do with the construction of the figure itself. From what I've gathered, this figure is a repainted Jason figure from an earlier line, which isn't a bad idea. The likeness of the face is pretty gruesome and  it looks pretty accurate. Not something you'd want to wake up and see staring at you in the dark. Thank goodness for the option of closing the packaging.

I wanted to take a photo of him in the dark, but my camera totally blows at doing fancy photography. So instead, here's a photo from

There it is. Jason in the dark. Pretty cool, eh? Much better than the Glow in The Dark Robocop that was offered last year. Now place that in a NES-inspired box, and you've got a license to print money. And it sold very well. In fact, out of all the SDCC Exclusives offered this year, I heard more about this one than any other. And why not? This figure has it all. In fact, I'd wager to assume that there are people like me who don't like Jason but bought it more for the nostalgia and the memories of playing the NES game.

As a whole, this SDCC-Exclusive 8-Bit Jason may be the most creative figure I've seen come along in the action figure world in quite some time. I really think NECA's been scoring big with their movie franchises lately. This figure is just further proof that they are here to stay and they will not be denied. If this figure is any indication, it would be safe to assume they will be scouring and listening to the horror fandom for more ideas. My hat's off to NECA for this great figure.

And just last week, they announced that an 8-Bit Freddy will be produced soon. I can only imagine what will happen...

Yeah, sounds about right. Place your bets...


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