Soft Batch Cookies Have Returned!

 If you’re my age, you no doubt remember the famous Keebler Soft Batch cookies fondly. Unlike other cookies of the 80s/90s, these bad boys were softer than a pillow and packed some serious “homemade” taste. Or at least that’s what we were told and that’s what us kids believed. Especially if your mom wasn’t known for her baking skills. I’m not pointing fingers but in my house, these were as close to genuine, fresh out the oven chocolate chip cookies as I was going to get. My mom was good at cooking but baking…ehhh…but hey that’s ok. She took me to king of the Ring 1994, so I look passed the small stuff.

Sometime in the last decade or beyond, Soft Batch disappeared but much like many of our favorite retro snacks and desserts, it’s back! Better than ever? We’ll see.

The moment is upon us, let’s check them out…

Not the fancy, red, almost Christmas-style packaging I was used to as a kid, but that’s to be expected…Let’s open this up.

Huh. Well, those are indeed cookies. Not very enticing ones based off first impressions but maybe if I nuke them in the microwave for a few seconds, that’ll change my mind…

Godspeed, little fellas…

Done! Let’s give them a taste!

Oh. Well, not horrible but not “Soft Batch” like I remember them. These are no doubt softer than some of the other cookies out there but the taste is rather bland. The originals tasted sweeter. This tastes more like the kinda thing Sizzler would’ve put in their buffet and left for a week. I suppose this is another “Leave The Memories Alone” situation for me. Either that or Keebler just phone it in with these. Either way, I’m good.

I’m not gonna, I can’t recommend these. I’m glad I tried them, fun to see the name back on shelves again, but…maybe get the freshly made cookies from the bakery department at Wegmans instead. 

Sorry, Ernie, no hard feelings. I still love the E.L. Fudge cookies!


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