Graham and Chad WATCH Survivor Series 1992!

Graham of and Chad are BACK for another episode of "Graham and Chad Talk Rasslin"!

The anticipated Survivor Series 1992 episode has finally become live. I apologize for the major delay but it was worth it to give you such a fun show! This PPV is a pretty big deal to both Graham and I, so we decided to try something new and WATCH the show and give our thoughts! You can always watch along with us, or just listen to us as we:

-Describe the event.
-Discuss the buildup.
-Rebook the event.
-Thoughts on the show.
-What was done right and wrong?

And of course, it wouldn't be a show without us going completely off the rails and go off topic. Here's some of our highlights:

-The joys of South of the Border.
-Tormenting our parents with our wrestling obsession.
-The Perfect Team's Enchantment Under The Sea Dance Proposal.
- And more!

Of course, this episode was recorded BEFORE The 2018 Royal Rumble, so we share our predictions for what we hoped to see during the big night and beyond. Were we right? Were we wrong? How drunk did Graham get?

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