Lost Entry: Pepsi Fire

(Since it's a new year, I thought I'd dust off a few entries I either didn't complete or just got so busy I didn't post. There may be a little more hindsight within these than I intended as a lot of content was never finished but, hey, better late than never! I really wanted to have this entry aprticular all completed and posted but finishing #MOTUMonth seemed to be a bigger priority. Hope you enjoy this entry more than I did drinking it! )

Pepsi Fire is here, ladies and gelm. Are you ready for it? We'll see. I'm still not sure if I was ready. I'm still a little taken aback at Pepsi's boldness for mixing cinnamon and soda. Normally I'd just write it off as a bad idea with good intentions but as I get older, I'm more open to try radical new ideas such as this. After all, Pepsi usually rolls out their experimental falvors around summer time and it usually results in something memorable one way or the other. I'm still trying to get Sev's "Same Old Song" remix for Pepsi Blue out of my head 15 years later. Thanks a lot, Pepsi.

Is it worthy of it's amazing hype and ridiculous idea that you can mix cinnamon and Pepsi? Well, let's take a quick look and either fall in love or call poison control:

For an experiment such as this, I'm gonna be stealing my fiance's Wonder Woman mason jar-glass. I feel it's appropriate as Wonder Woman may be the only only truly brave and bold enough to accept the challenge of such a powerful yet unknown foe.

So we're not starting off very well. The smell of this stuff is a little much. It hits you like a fist but what else would you expect from a soda that's called "FIRE"? Ok, ok, now it's game time. No more fooling around. It's time to put on our big boy pants and dive in. Wish me luck...



Here we go...

Hmmm. I hate to be a Negative Nancy but I'm just not feeling it. It just isn't a good combination. It's more along the lines of flat Pepsi with paprika and cinnamon mixed in. It's not what I had hoped it would be, but then again, I feel like maybe my hopes were of a somewhat medium level, so it may have been higher than they should've. Common sense never truly comes into play when it comes to unique soda flavors. I will say, I kinda like the redish tint the soda has. I love the look of a deliciously cold soda in a glass, but it's usually just straight up black. A little redness goes a long way though. Just ask Shazzam.

Ok, ok. Let's do some rumor busting. It seemed rather inevitable that comparisons toy Holiday Spice would be made, especially since both sodas had a cinnamon twist. Now, I never had that legendary Christmas flavor, despite the cool packaging and promotional machine behind it, but I expected this to be similar to that from how others described it. Sure enough, from what I'm told, it's as close to a "Pepsi Summer/Holiday Spice" as we can get these days. Sadly, the Polar Express would just fly right by this soda without a second thought.

Pepsi's had a lot of failures in their day, and they'll probably add this to their list, but one thing's for sure, they're always willing to be inventive. So while I'd rather drink expired Ecto Cooler from 1988 than this again, I still applaud Pepsi for going outside the box and giving this flavor a trial. Will we see it next year? Probably not but I'm sure Pepsi will bounce back from this and it's terrible publicity and I'm sure we'll get something bigger, bolder and better to drink by the pool next year.

I just hope there's no cinnamon involved. I still love ya, Pepsi.


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