The Horror Movie BBQ 2016 Christmas Fallout!

Well...Christmas is over with.


I love Christmas so much. I've stated that before. Don't get me wrong, I love Halloween but by the end of October, I'm over it all together. But starting around October, I want nothing but red and green. I want cold air and snow, I want peppermint everything, I want Christmas specials and I want houses with more Christmas decorations than should allowed by a court of law.
Just one side of the biggest display in the area. My camera died after taking this photo. Lame. But you get the jist of it.

Christmas, as always, went perfect. A trip to the fiance's sister house for a fun evening of laughs, food and presents. It was a pretty good time, especially considering the relaxing nap with cats I take after dinner. Here's one of them, Sprocket:

Cute, isn't he? And he loves attention. Even better!

So the real reason you're here is most likely to read about what I received for presents. Ya know, the materialistic part! Yay, presents! So let's knock this one out.

Ok, if I sound a little less than enthusiastic, it's only because working retail this season really took a lot out of me. As great as Christmas was, I'm still catching up on rest. But I'm trying. I really am. Besides, I didn't wanna let down my bro John of The Sewer Den or Matt of Dinosaur Dracula by skipping out.

Let's start off with the basics:

So check these out. My job did a sweet giveaway and I won a free pair of RayBan round shades! Had to have them adjusted bu they definitely fit...better. Still will need some getting used to. Plus they make me look like a Vertigo character. A very lame one with zero self confidence.

May not be the best photo of me.

Got some tasty sweets, a mini Bret Hart figure and a sweet Target beauty box containing all sorts of cool stuff so I don't smell like a filthy sewer anymore. Also a favorite? That mini-Nutella. It's big enough to look like a Capcom fight screen with mini Bret. Tell me I'm wrong, bruh:


I've always said that I'm the easiest guy to buy for. I just am. Not saying I need movies to be happy but they are a great gift that get a lot of mileage. I've been hoping for all of these movies to hit my shelf. Especially that Scott Hall collection. Great documentary and great matches. Also, Broad City and Key And Peele will come in handy on sick days or lazy days in bed(YAS KWEEN!). And on top of that, Warriors, Peanuts, Last Dragon and the Silent Night set are all must haves. Very happy with this!


A history of the 1985 Bears(Da Bears!), the amazing biography of Rowdy Roddy Piper and the Death of WCW. All essential books for lunch break reading. I love nothing more than just sitting in the break room, eating my lunch and reading a book. I had the original Death of WCW but it fell apart after reading it so much, so I'm glad to have this. Roddy's biography, lovingly written by his children, is a GREAT book too. I had Roddy's earlier biography but it was a little skimpy on good stories. This however, tells a LOT more stories and a much better read.

And after this season, I can use all the reminder that Bears actually used to mean something.

MOTU Books:

Hooooooooly craaaaaaaaaaap. These books are amazing and may be my favorite things in the world! Books containing never before seen art from the entire run of Masters of The Universe's fantastic run and a the entire mini-comic collection.

And that mini-comic collection is HUGE. How huge? Over 1225 pages huge, that's how. It also contains one of the funniest frames in comic history:

Skeletor is pimp af. Just filled to the brim with confidence. No one's gonna be able to knock him down anytime soon.

Design for Snake Mountain. 

These books are amazing and show so much cool stuff including sketches for unused figures, vehicles, designs, and even stuff from the movie and cartoons. Highly suggested you pick these up!

A nice Christmas overall, and I certainly hope yours was as well. Or Hanukkah. Or Kwanzaa. Or whatever you may celebrate.

Also, this blog is dedicated to the happy gingerbread man who gave his life so I could enjoy one more day of Christmas. He looks like the T-800 at the end of T2, doesn't he? Don't worry, he'll be back.


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