The Horror Movie BBQ 2015 Christmas Fallout!

Charlie has been ready for Christmas!

Last year I attempted to do a "Christmas Fallout" post where I posted my loot. It's something I've always enjoyed reading on other blogs and I figured "eh, what the heck!" and posted my own. It's a fun and pretty easy entry to do.

Problem is, I really wanted to enjoy Christmas, but between the crappy warm weather and my back acting up and I've been out of commission for most of the season. No caroling, no snow angels, no visiting houses with absurd amounts of Christmas tree lights down the street. Just laid up in bed every weekend all month. But Christmas day? Time slows down for that. There's time to relax.. So, as stressful and tiring as the rest of the month was, yesterday went very well. Christmas cookies, ham, a viewing of Inside Out, and plenty of laughs is what I wanted more than anything and that's what I got. And as great as everything you see below, that's the most important gift to me.

So with that said, I'm VERY easy to buy for. Movies and books are usually all I ask for. Well, that an Funko Pop Vinyls. Those have become extremely addicting over the past two years. I'm one of those guys who usually buys what he needs when I need it, so tools, cooking utensils, computer stuff, that usually gets bought during the year. But plenty of other less than vital things are the things that end up becoming what I request for gifts. So enough talking, let's dive in!,


My gosh, this is a cornucopia of amazing! A documentary on the 1980s era of SNL, Scrooged, the nWo Revolution, the first two seasons of the Goldbergs, Gremlins, and double features of Tales From The Crypt/Vault of Horror and TerrorVision/Video Dead. I mean how amazing are those titles?

Now all of those are downright fantastic and in no way being taken for granted. How could they? In combines everything I love! But the crown jewel? The Turkey Day Mystery Science Theatre 3000 collection! Holy crap! 4 of the best MST3K episodes and plenty of amazing special features including a look at the cherished Turkey Day, intros, and so much more amazing stuff!

The entire haul is rather overwhelming, but we're not close to done!


Let me wipe the drool off my mouth. These books are just downright mouthwatering for every geek. Ghostbusters AND Ninja Turtles visual guides and a year by year history of DC Comics. Each book has their own charm. The visual guides have plenty of neat doo-dads like prototype art of Ninja Turtles, concept arts of Slimer and the Marshmallow Man, animation cells of both cartoons, stickers, and so much more! The DC Comics book has so many amazing stories and tidbits of info I may have forgotten, so it's a real nice way to catch up and become informed. I'm hoping for a snowstorm just so I can hide under 4 blankets and read all these.


Hands down, these little fellas have become my biggest and most insane obsession of the year. I don't know what it is, but I've fallen in love with these arty little dudes. So these were my most hoped for items. Hordak and Beetlejuice were a big fave. My sister in law gave me a Stripe Gremlin, but I already had one, so I traded in for the Target exclusive Roddy Piper. Quite frankly, I know a lot of people loathe these, but they're so cool and I'm loving these like little Chad at age 7 loved his Sewer Den! (Not to be confused with my buddy Jon's site The Sewer Den!)

I was very happy, I just wanted to open it quickly but my mom spent like 5 minutes trying to get good photos.


I only wear tshirts. I hate collared shirts and button up shirts. My fiancée always knows where to find the bests shirts. This is no different. I love retro DC Comics art so much so this is just too much too handle! It didn't take me long to start wearing this!


These are phenomenal. A great pint glass and ice cube tray featuring Snoopy? MUST HAVES. I'm way too obsessed with Peanuts and I always keep my eyes peeled for Peanuts memorabilia. Even better? My girlfriend loves them just as much and encourages my love of those great characters.

Sadly, the Peanuts logo is peeling so I have to trade these in for new ones. I pray and hope the nearest Kohls has spare ones. I'm not willing to go down without a fight. I need Snoopy ice cubes, gosh darnit!


My friend Chris Ott of London1888 made some amazing offerings this season. A great Jason pin and his mothers head in decal form as well as an amazing CryptKeeper pin, sticker and great greeting card! Once again, my fiancee KNEW I had to have these. Since receiving them, the pins have been stuck to my 8-bit Freddy Krueger hoodie(also made by Ott), the stickers are headed to my car and latpop and the card is being kept in my Tales From The Crypt collection for safe keeping! Great art and great gifts!

(special appearance by Charlie Bunny!)

My mother is on to me. She sent this up and I needed it. BADLY.


Remember that awesome SDCC exclusive 8 Bit Jason that NECA put out in 2013? They went back to the well once again and gave him a nice rerelease with Mrs. Voorhees head on a pole and a sound bite that plays the old NES theme. Check it out!

Spooky! In 8 bit style! Gotta love it! I sold my Jason earlier this year and I was very happy to replace it with this! Thanks to my mom for this!

I'm so overwhelmed by the generosity by friends and family. It really did mean a lot, especially since I spent practically all my free time in bed. But it's family and friends that makes Christmas what it is. 

Hope your Christmas or whatever you chose to celebrate was just as fantastic as mine. I'd invite you over to watch some movies and indulge in leftover Christmas cookies, but after 11 hours of searching for Christmas clearance items throughout New York left me downright exhausted. Rain check?


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