Visiting Buffalo Comic Con!

Yay, it's comic con time!

I made the relatively short trip to Buffalo for the Buffalo Comic Con last weekend for a day of fun, comic books, toys, celebrities and awesome cosplay. Now being new player in the comic convention game, there were worries that Buffalo Comic Con was just gonna be a small show. I wasn't expecting a lot, I had just done Fan Expo in Toronto a few weeks before, which was a claustrophobic nightmare, so this would've been a giant change of pace no matter what. But my expectations weren't the highest. Which may have worked for me.

Me, Deadpool and JD

So upon entering the convention with my friend and fellow General Geekery podcast partner. JD, I was very surprised at the layout. The convention center itself was split into two floors. A main show floor upstairs and the bottom floor with rooms for meetings/seminars/panels/whatever it may be. Which worked big time. Sometimes in a convention space, everything's just thrown together and everything is just placed on the main convention floor. Not here. Everything was spread out, put in it's own spot, and felt very well organized. I sat in with JD's daughter for an anime panel and it was a nice throwback, considering my past anime con-going days. Very well done.

Also a nice addition was a kids room, which was put on by the local library, I believe.They had activities for the younger geeks in attendance such as coloring superhero masks, cardboard cutouts for photos, tunnels to crawl through, lightsaber battles. All the kind of stuff youngsters of any age would want. I was very impressed by this.

The vendor/celebrity/artists/writers were upstairs on the main floor and much like any convention, was no doubt the main draw. Where else will you get the opportunity to hang with fellow fans, rifle through musty, old comics, buy about 17 back issues of NFL SuperPro and meet your favorite writers? I also finally got to hold the first appearance of the Punisher! See my joy:

So the main draw for me, really, was the addition of some of the Nightmare on Elm Street 3 stars. It's of no surprise that I go crazy for anything Freddy related and when I have the opportunity to meet the stars of the series, I take it! In all my time of convention going, I've actually never met Ken Sagoes and Penelope Sudrow, who were guests at this show, and I could finally add them to my prized Freddy's Dead poster.

Yes, I'm sure it drives poster enthusiasts insane, but I wanted something I could get every member of the NOES series on and I kinda like the simplicity of the born-dead date. Kinda reminds me of a tombstone! It looks great with signatures!

So I finally got Ken Sagoes who admired all the signatures on my poster and even laughed when he saw the Freddy doodle, done by Robert Englund. Ken was super nice, as I've been told multiple times.

Up next was Rodney Eastman who played Joey in Part 3 and 4, who I've met before but never got his signature on my poster. He looked at my poster, which I always request the character name and the actor's favorite quote, and said "well, I only had one line" to which he gave me THIS:

Also, I refused to leave without a photo with Joey and Kincaid. And our photo turned out great, mainly due to Rodney suggesting I sit down due to my height. Neat!

Too awesome.

Penelope Sudrow who played Jennifer in part 3 was very...memorable. She kept asking me about the names on my poster and even pointed out how she thought every time Robert signs "Welcome to Prime Time, Bitch!" she should get a dollar. She also gave me a rather interesting signature and quote on my poster. Which I get since she didn't really have any memorable one liners.

 She also posed for a rather memorable photo op:

With my main goals accomplished, I now needed something to keep my attention and excitement. Thankfully, the huge maze of local vendors and artists selling their wares. It didn't take long for me to run into Mike Smash of Curious Goods, an artist known for his amazing figures and shadowbox illustrations. It was a pleasant surprise to see Mike, it's been years since I've seen him last. It was great to catch up and see his newest offerings, including a NOES 3 poster/shadowbox!

I could rant and rave all day about the Cosplayers. But instead, just check out these rad photos I took:

Buffalo Comic Con certainly isn't the biggest convention but its a very, very comfortable convention. I feel very confident in saying it's been the best convention experience in quite some time. I'm very excited to see where the show gows int he future. I have no issue pointing to this show and saying "My hometown comic convention".

This show gets a solid 10/10 score for me!

Hope to see you next year! I'll buy you some wings after!


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