Introducing: Halloween Fright Packs!

Introducing...The very first HorrorMovieBBQ Fright Pack!

It's pretty simple. I got a lot of cool stuff hanging around but I also have bills to pay. So what better way to make some extra cash than by putting together some neat fun boxes for my friends! I think you'll really enjoy these! But before I introduced the boxes, a few notes:

1.) Each box will be 26.95. That includes shipping.

2.) I'm doing a short test run. Only 6 will be available at this time. I'm more interested to see how well these are received before I do more.

3.) I cannot, at this time, ship outside the country. Sorry!

4.) These can only be purchased through PayPal, which you can find the link down below!

Ok, so that's the not-so-fun stuff. Let's check out the loot!

There's the entire loot! Enough to get you in the mood for Halloween! Some fun stuff from your childhood and the present! Let's dive deep!


Somewhat of a "cereal box prize" but for the Fright Pack, you'll get one of the three Monster Cereal cars! Car will be selected randomly. Keep 'em int he box, use them as a desk toy, or zoom them around as you eat breakfast!


 A spooky book! You'll receive a randomly selected book to read while you sip delicious warm apple cider or maybe a pumpkin beer!

  Remember the weird space vampire/zombie/sex film from Cannon films? Well, it certainly was a memorable piece of cinema and I'm sure if you had seen it, you wouldn't forget it. Now you tell the rest of the world how much you loved it by rocking this awesome button everywhere you go!


Can't have Halloween without window clings! You'll be the toast of the neighborhood!


These are fun. Think little green Army Men but with Dracula, Godzilla, Mothra, zombies, Wolfman, gravestones and more! Contents of bag will vary from photo You'll receive approximately 10 figurines .


To keep the nostalgic feel of Halloween going, you'll receive one randomly selected, sealed McNugget Buddy and an unused, mint condition Happy Meal box! You can't have the McNugget buddies without their cardboard home!


What fun and mysterious goodies will you find in here? Well, technically, you can see the goods up in that first photo. But not everything is shown! You'll get one Trick or Treat featuring candy and some other fun Halloween treats! It's like taking the effort out of going door to door! Instead, you can just stay at home and call it a night!

So there you have it! Some fun stuff ready to jazz up your Halloween spirit! I certainly hope you'll enjoy these. If so, I'll be able to do more int he future in larger volumes. You can pay for them right below and will receive some spooky goodness very soon!


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