Ronald McDonald House Sale: Day 1

Just because it's a week day, does NOT mean the treasure hunting ends. No sir. Whether it's a thrift store or a church rummage sale, I will be there hunting for a rare VHS or old toy or maybe even some old juice glasses with cartoon characters. And today was the biggest non flea market treasure hunting experience. The legendary Ronald McDonald House Sale!

A local favorite, a charity/donation driven second hand sale that spans from Tuesday to Saturday two times a year. The departments are huge, they're usually broken up int holiday decorations, sporting goods, movies and books, clothes, kitchenware, furniture, toys and even collectibles, and so much more. It's like a much cheaper and probably more sanitary trip to Walmart.


You can hear Ric Flair's theme song play as you enter this heavenly room...So many awesome Halloween items. These two may have been my favorites:

How great are these old candy bowls? And at .75? Probably should've bought them, yes, but I had bigger fish to fry. I won't lose sleep if I miss out.

Even better? They have an awesome clearance schedule too:

Tuesday: Donors/Early Birds
Wednesday: Open to public
Thursday: 25% off
Friday: 50% off
Saturday: 75% off.

Ok. So keep that in mind when I post my adventures, because it will make sense. Now normally, I never go to the sale on the first day. It's usually hectic and personally, if I can pay much less for it, certain items, I'll do it. But, I had the day off and decided to see what was hanging around and if I could find some good treasures. Oh and I did. I certainly. But first, check out the random images of the sale to get a good feel of the legendary Sale...

Hindsight 20/20, maybe I didn't take enough photos after all. Just stuff I either thought was good or just outrageously priced. While the selection was good and indeed goes to a wonderful charity, asking 20 bucks for a bunch of Burger King Simpsons isn't an easy sell. But again, wait for another day and if they're still available, they'll be considerably cheaper and you'd be more convinced to buy them.

My favorite? Those reindeer that look like they are in serious need of Valium. Holy crap, those'll be in my nightmares for a long time. A LONG TIME. Like, Dune-length long time. Although these may not make me as angry as that movie. I hate Dune. Seriously.

 I'm in therapy. I'm working it out. Someday, I'll have tea with Baron Harkonnen and we'll work our issues out. Until then, check out what I bought at this sale:


First off, before I go into details, the room that movies were being offered had one side for blurays and dvds and another for VHS. Best part? HORROR VHS!!!!!

Now that said...YES!!! I LOVE THIS MOVIE! It was a made for TV movie directed by Frank Darabont about Jennifer Jason Leigh poisoning her husband, played by Tim Matheson, and burying him alive for his fortune. It's been done, but this movie is SO awesome. For a TV movie, it certainly delivers some good and intense moments. Sadly, it's not on DVD or bluray, which sucks, because I'd love for it to get a bigger audience and to be appreciated more. Definitely worth .50, if not much, much more than that.


Big Pun is my favorite Marvel character and I had an option to buy this when it was first released, but I passed. I think there was probably a sale on WWE Classic Superstars. Or Transformers. Whatever the case may be, this is a great find. I can never run out of Punisher merch and considering most the figures I have are pretty cartoony, this one may be the best figure I know own. Very happy to finally pick this up. Even if his thigh hap is way to large for the scale.


Clearly the champion of the haul. Look at this beauty! The colors. The cover art. Perfection. The sticker is in terrific shape. If I already didn't have an 8-Bit Zombie lunchbox, I'd totally be using this for work and feel like I was in 5th grade again. Actually, I can totally alternate. This would be worth taking to work. Plus, no one messes with a 6'6 geek who brings scary lunchboxes to work.

Luckily for me, I just picked some Goosebumps books up, so maybe my next day off will be spent reading on my balcony and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich out of this companion. I honestly can't imagine anything more relaxing.

A respectable haul, if I may be so bold to say. Again, it's only the first day. I do plan on heading back tomorrow and Saturday when prices are down even lower. I imagine had I waited, these items would all be gone. Which, side note, I actually saw two old GI Joe vehicles and decided to check out other items for a few seconds. Literally seconds. Maybe half a minute. Maybe less. As soon as I came back, they were both gone. That's how quick you must be at this sale. This isn't like your average flea market.

In other words, when it comes to the items you want, this is every man for themselves. A proverbial Royal Rumble. This. Is. WAR.

What will I find tomorrow? Well, you'll have to find out...


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