Ecto Cooler Candle Giveaway!

So with all the debate on the new Ghostbusters movie flooding the internet(half good, half good), I figure now would be a good time to do a quick giveaway. See, I'm in a pickle. My girlfriend ordered me the Ecto Cooler candle from HorrorDecor and FreddyInSpace and so did I. I now have TWO! And, as much as I'd love to hoard both, I know some didn't even get ONE. So, I'm gonna make this short and sweet.

Slimer not included. Sorry!

So here's the deal: like my Facebook page, here. Then in the comments here, please tell me what your favorite Ghostbuster is as well as your email address! That's IT. Plain and simple. Peter, Winston, Egon, Ray, Luis, even the Filmation Ghostbusters are eligible! Yes, I'm serious! Even Tracy the Gorilla! This contest will only last for the next week(7/18/15) so enter NOW!!

And don't forget to give Freddy In Space and HorrorDecor a like on Facebook for more on their upcoming products!


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