Spotlight: The Secrets of Isis

Don’t remember The Secrets of Isis? It was a show that lasted only one season and produced by Filmation in the mid 70s. It told the story of a schoolteacher Andrea Thomas(played by Joanna Cameron) who uses a sacred amulet to transform into her superheroine alter ego, Mighty Isis, drawing from the Egyptian Goddess of the same name. 

I’m a huge Filmation fan and loved when they would attempt live action shows(yes even Ghost Busters. Monkey and all!) so while Isis could be very campy and low budget(very obviously low budget at that), it was still a fun show, a fun cast of characters and Joanna had no issue convincing anyone she wasn’t a goddess. For a show that was pre-Lynda Carter Wonder Woman (just by a few months!), it’s often overlooked or forgotten. Which is a shame. It’s Saturday morning fun at its best and I don’t think it gets enough love.

Credit: Mego Museum

Isis sadly wasn’t successful as say Wonder Woman, Bionic Woman,  Hulk or even Electra Woman and DynaGirl and other superhero shows at the time but it remained a favorite memory of plenty of fans and did lead to some merchandising such a Mego Doll, a Halloween costume and even a few dvd releases. Some episodes can be found via streaming services and it’s worth a watch for sure!

Sadly, Joanna Cameron passed away in 2021 but her legacy as Isis continues and she remains a favorite amongst anyone who watched her fly the skies and fight evil!


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