Random Thoughts: 1989


I know people often hail 1984 as the greatest year in movie history but I gotta say it: I’ll put the summer of 89 alone up against any other year in movie history. 84 was great and had a ripple effect on the movie industry that id still felt to this day but the amount of hits and memorable moments we got from just the summer 89 alone actually surpasses everything we saw 5 years before imo. I’ve always been a bigger fan of sequels and I still believe a lot of the sequels we saw in 1989 were way better than the original. Ghostbusters 2, anyone?

If you ask me, 1989 is top level in pop culture in general and very hard to beat. It was just one of those years where everything fell into place perfectly. And being a 6 year old kid, I was able to reap the benefits greatly. Tv, movies, cartoons, songs, toys, wrestling. Nintendo was on every kids favorite activity, at least 15 Ninja Turtles were in your toy box at all times, an episode of Alf was on our screen every week and weekend (thanks to the animated series we got!), and WWF was never hotter! Everything seemed perfect and even in retrospective is very very impactful. A lot of my interests now still stem from that very late 80s-Early 90s time frame, but the majority of it seems to be from 1989.

Maybe I’m just nostalgic for a time when I wanted to be a New Kid on The Block. I legit thought they were the coolest dudes in the world. I was doing the New Kids dance, posing like them and trying to hope at age 6 I could just be one ounce as cool as Donnie Wahlberg was. Somewhere this  photo of me squinting and folding my arms to emulate him and I would love to see that again. 

Actually on second thought, maybe not…


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