Review: Aldi’s Thanksgiving Stuffing Crackers

A few weeks ago, Trader Joe’s revealed one of their new Thanksgiving themed products: stuffing flavored popcorn!!! Well, to say this was incredibly popular would be an understatement because it seemingly sold out everywhere. Great for business but it sucked for those who couldn’t grab a bag. Myself included. But it gives me hope that next year it comes back and more will be produced. Now that said, while I was sad I missed out, I am VERY happy with what I found across the street at Aldi:

Thanksgiving Stuffing Crackers? Oh man. Ok so missing on the popcorn was a pretty hard pill to swallow but imagine my excitement seeing this on a random shelf while I was looking for candles, cheese and Aldi branded bedroom slippers. This was an instant buy and something I immediately knew I had to write about them. And that was BEFORE the taste test.

The box itself is pretty nice, basic but still comforting enough. 

The smell. Goodness gracious the smell. As soon as I opened this bag, it was an immediate overwhelming and very pleasant aroma. In a good way! It smelled exactly like the Stove Top Stuffing so many of us grew up with. It really does send you back to being a kid and smelling the stuffing getting ready for the big meal! So far we’re 2-0. Let’s see how it tastes…

If I’m to be honest, it tastes like a very ritzy, upscale Socialbles cracker with good seasoning. Which, if your parents had a Christmas party back then, Sociables were purchased in shipping pallets to entertain guests. And these are very reminiscent of them. Pretty good flavor, nothing too intense or off putting which would probably be easy for something like this but more importantly, they definitely taste like stuffing. A little greasy but that’s ok too. I imagine these would be absolutely incredible with cranberry sauce!!! I’ll definitely have these on the snack plate before Thanksgiving next Thursday. 

These definitely get my highest recommendation. Very tasty, nice and light and flavorful. Not overwhelming in terms of flavor either.  If you’re near an Aldi, go grab these immediately and enjoy!!!! Keep in mind they are Aldi exclusive, so you won’t find them anywhere else! 


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