Reaction: Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Trailer

Well, the moment we Ghostbusters fanatics have been waiting for is here! The trailer for the new Ghostbusters movie “Frozen Empire” has arrived and…boy oh boy do we all have some thoughts here! Good thing I decided to start blogging again, because it’s a perfect time to write my feelings out on this. And come to think of it, I don’t know that I’ve ever done a “trailer reaction”. Video or in writing. So this could be fun.

I think the trailer gave enough away to give us a good feel about the story but still held enough back to keep us intrigued. My initial reaction is this gives off Ghostbusters 2 vibes except it’s ice instead of mood slime. And that’s not a bad thing. Ghostbusters 2 was more sci-fi/horror than it was a comedy like the original. 2016 was more silly, slapstick. The last one was much more serious than the previous 3 in the series and I hope we get a more carefree, fun atmosphere with this one. All GB movies have their own vibe and feel.

  • Also, it definitely seems like a more Real Ghostbusters inspired movie than the last one, which I’m all for. 
  • Glad Paul Rudd and the entire cast seems to be returning and suiting up. The cast was fantastic in the last one and I hope we see more of them in future projects.
  • GB should always be in NYC. And now summertime? Oh baby!
  • I’m very very very excited to see what that ice ghost/monster/demon looks like.
  • The logo itself is pretty cool…no pun intended.
  • Why do I get the sense that one if not all of the original GB’s may die in this? I just get that feeling.

Finally, not a critique in the least but just a personal observation from my vantage point, It feels so soon after the last one. Idk, I feel like we just went through all this and there wasn’t a lot of time to breathe before it’s on to the next. But that’s also with every movie franchise now. You don’t make a sequel happen within 2-3 years, you may as well abandon it as a whole.

But, hey we went almost 30 years without a GB movie until 2016.

I’m excited for sure. Anytime I can see my old pals the Ghostbusters on the big screen, I’m happy! And as long as it’s entertaining and gives me a fun adventure for 2 hours or so, I’ll be a very happy Ghosthead!

::fingers crossed for Ecto Cooler::


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