Turtle Pies On Always Sunny!

In last weeks season premiere episode of Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Charlie Kelly proves that not only is he a man of taste but that he’s got his priorities in check!

I hope this is a catalyst for garnering interest in these great pies returning. Kinda like what Rick and Morty did for Szechuan Sauce. I would love to have one more pie(ok many) again! Those fruit pies are ok, but nothing comes close to a Hostess pudding pie. 

I had these in my lunchbox for the short time they were available in 1991, which if I recall, was only a few months since they were essentially done to help promote Ninja Turtles 2.  They were just as fantastic as everyone tells you they were. Vanilla was never my go-to flavor but if it involved Ninja Turtles, I was willing to give a taste. And much like Cheetos Paws and Ecto Cooler, that taste and the memories stick with me forever.

So add my voice to those who have been begging and screaming for a very long time now…PLEASE HOSTESS BRING THEM BACK!


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